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Ideas for a Cozy and Welcoming Home

Today, we'd like to give you some ideas for a cozy and welcoming home. You just need to make small changes in order to achieve it. Check them out!
Ideas for a Cozy and Welcoming Home

Last update: 10 October, 2019

Would you like a cozy and welcoming home?  If so keep reading!

We’re about to show you a few easy, inexpensive changes you can make so you can transform your home into what you always dreamed of.

Ideas for a Cozy and Welcoming Home

You don’t need to spend too much money to have a cozy home. On the contrary, the comfort you get is all in the details and in how creative you may be.

Here are a few changes you can do at home to create a more pleasant and friendly feeling for you and anyone who visits you.

1. Choose comforting lighting

A dining room with decent lighting.
Lighting makes a room cozy and warm.

Choosing your lighting is essential to feel warm and cozy.

Just think: How do you feel when you step into a dark and dreary room? Surely, the emotions that such a place arouses in you are precisely the opposite of those you feel when you’re in an open space. So, maximize your natural light or use lamps that can add a warm feeling to your rooms.

The lights in your home say a lot about you. Opt for warm (and ideally environmentally-friendly) light bulbs. Similarly, you may want to place a reading light next to that armchair in the corner. Think of using lamps aimed at specific areas you’d like to highlight (like a painting, for example).

Also, consider connecting dimmers to your lights, as they allow you to choose the desired intensity and change the mood in your room. There are dimmers for the lights in the ceiling and also for floor lamps. Likewise, you can also create your own lamps using jars.

2. Personal details make a cozy home

Unless you hire an interior designer, then pretty much anything you do to decorate your home is personal. Display items that you’d like to look at, that make you happy, and that remind you of good times.

For example, that rug you bought in India, or the pictures you took in that safari you went to last year, are great for personalizing your home. They’ll be a great focal point.

3. Decorate with plants

A room with plants.
Plants are a great way to make your home feel cozy and comfortable.

Indoor plants add color to your home and brighten any room. There are many to choose from out there, including varieties that don’t need too much care and watering and are ideal if you’re convinced you don’t have a green thumb.

Put plants in any locations you’d like to brighten such as a sad corner or a high shelf. If you have a shower room with a sunny window, then consider adding some tropical plants there, as they’ll love the steam.

4. Chose appropriate curtains

Choosing the most appropriate curtains for your home can do wonders for your home. In general, they should still let in some light, at least in shared environments.

You can opt for bright colors and bold patterns if your room is simple and doesn’t have a lot going on. Conversely, simple ones in neutral colors are great if you have an eclectic room. You can have a lot of fun with curtains, mix and match until you find the rights ones for you.

Also, if you know how to use a brush and fabric paint, you could even customize your curtains. Select a great pattern or just draw freehand. Keep in mind that you don’t have to cover the entire fabric. Small details here and there are enough.

5. Use candles

A bunch of floating candles.
Candles add a soft light for a cozy and welcoming home.

We’ve already talked about the importance of lighting, and candles are another great option for it. They’ll add light to a room in a romantic, intimate, cozy way. Some of them will even add aroma!

6. Carpets are an easy way to a cozy and welcoming home

Carpets are another great way to add a cozy, warm feeling to a home. After all, who doesn’t love walking on a carpet in winter?!

You don’t have to have them in every inch of your house. In fact, you may use small carpets in specific places. You can place them in front of the armchair, for example.

7. Add wooden furniture

A closeup of a wooden table for a cozy and welcoming home
Wood adds a rustic touch to your home that makes it cozy and welcoming.

No other material creates a warm feeling like wood does. Go ahead and use it for any furniture, shelves or other accessories of your home. For example, how about a homemade centerpiece with that driftwood you found earlier at the beach?

8. Tidiness is the basis of a cozy and welcoming home

A tidy home makes you feel balanced and invites you to relax. Conversely, messes will increase your stress levels.

Fortunately, you can find a lot of organizing advice online. Just do a simple search!

9. Opt for rounded chairs and armchairs

A table with an eclectic mix of chairs.
A variety of shapes are great for a cozy and welcoming home.

It may seem silly, but the rounded edges invite rest and relaxation. However, if you already have chairs with straight lines then just add some cushions to them to make them cozy.

10. Use cushions and blankets

Cushions and blankets are great ways to give new life to that old armchair. To make them even cozier, make them yourself using old clothes you no longer use. The quilting technique is in and one of the coziest out there.

As you can see, it’s very easy to have a cozy and comfortable home with minimal changes. You may not even need to go shopping – just roll up your sleeves and get creative!

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