Ideal Exercises for People Over 40

Although we must adapt the exercises to our abilities, it's important to strive and increase the intensity as we gain endurance in order to obtain greater benefits.
Ideal Exercises for People Over 40

Last update: 28 May, 2021

Are there exercises that are ideal for seniors, what are they, what are their benefits, can they be practiced every day or is it better to leave them for just a few days a week?

Below we’ll answer all these questions and also reveal some tips that can be useful when it comes to staying healthy and fit after 40. Read on to find out more!

Age Isn’t an Obstacle

Today, many people believe that age alone isn’t an impediment to maintaining an active lifestyle. That’s why it’s increasingly common to see people of all ages exercising in gyms and public spaces for recreational purposes and sport.

Nowadays, it’s known that physical exercise helps us maintain our health and well-being. It also helps maintain a good appearance, something that can certainly be a good source of motivation when it comes to being disciplined and consistent.

Now, does everyone need to exercise the same way on a daily basis, regardless of their age? No, not everyone needs to have the same exercise routine.

Exercises for people over 40: woman outdoors.

Recommendations may vary from person to person, depending on their state of health and other particularities. However, it’s true that there are some common guidelines, such as those indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Adults (18 to 64 years of age) should devote about 150 minutes a week to moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity. Alternatively, they can engage in 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic physical activity each week, or maintain a plan that combines both options.

Regular exercise can improve cardiorespiratory, muscular, joint, neurological and cognitive functions and, at the same time, reduce the risk of suffering from non-communicable diseases, as well as mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Moreover, according to the authors of Physical Exercise for All Seniors: Moving Is Taking Care of Yourself:

  • Moderate physical activity can delay functional decline and reduce the risk of chronic diseases in the elderly.
  • They also point out that physical activity, exercise or sport is more than justified, not only in terms of health, but also as a social and recreational activity.

And what do the studies show?

In this respect, a study revealed that doing resistance exercises from the age of 40 onwards allows us to gain endurance and maintain our health, as well as to avoid drastic loss of muscle mass and strength.

Ideal exercises for people over 40

Although walking or jogging for 30-40 minutes a day (or the time indicated by your doctor) is usually recommended, this isn’t the only type of exercises for people over 40.

Some weight lifting is a good option as it can improve posture and work various muscle areas. Additionally, the following options can be considered.

Regardless of age, it’s essential to warm up or stretch to avoid injury.

1. Yoga y Pilates

There are some exercises with which you can recover skin elasticity, and avoid those annoying skin folds under your arms or on your chin.

  • We recommend the practice of yoga and Pilates.
  • In addition, with these exercises you can improve your posture and avoid lower back pain.
  • They’ll also help you relax and lose weight.

2. Cardio

To improve heart health, there’s no better exercise than cycling. Riding a bike, either in the countryside or on a stationary bike, helps you have better heart endurance.

At the same time, it allows you to have fun, socialize and get in the right shape.

3. Increase Endurance

With respect to strengthening and increasing endurance, there are those who advise making use of the machines that are in gyms. With them it’s possible to strengthen muscles and tone them at the same time.

If you don’t like the idea of the gym, you can buy these machines and have them at home: this way you’ll have your own workout space just a step away from you.

4. Strengthen Muscles

Other ideal exercises for people over 40 are those aimed at strengthening muscles, such as swimming, for example. Swimming not only strengthens all your muscles at the same time, but also increases your lung capacity.

This will help you not to get tired so quickly and control your breathing.

Do You Want to Keep in Shape?

As you can see, the passage of time is no excuse to give up exercising. So don’t give up on exercise or other activities that allow you to spread out and keep moving.

If you have any doubts about how you can stay in shape, consult your doctor or a personal trainer. There are plenty of great exercises for people over 40 to choose from!

Age is no limit to meeting your goals, let alone neglecting your health. Be your own motivation and adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. You’ll notice it a lot.

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