How to Work Out Your Legs from the Comfort of Your Home

· November 17, 2017
It's important that each person adapts the intensity of the exercises and the repetitions to their own abilities. Overdoing it could end up causing you leg pain and/or injury.

Getting to a gym to do a workout isn’t always very appealing many people. That’s why it’s great to know a few tricks to work out your legs when you’re at home.

This way, we can avoid completely abandoning the exercise world. Although not wanting to go to the gym isn’t a strong enough one to justify avoiding physical training, it definitely can be an obstacle.

That’s why many people opt for alternatives. Among them is working out from your own home.

Your home is a comfortable, intimate space for just you. Plus, working out from home allows you to avoid having to face bad weather or wear nice workout clothes to go to the gym.

So what are you waiting for? Make your home a gym with these great leg workouts!

Work out your legs at home

The equipment at the gym is very helpful when it comes to working out your lower body. However, to work out your legs, all you really need is a good attitude and a good amount space.

Even if you aren’t feeling motivated, just knowing how important it is to strengthen your legs is enough to do an at-home routine.

If you have a workout mat, it will make things easier. If not, we recommend that you use padded surfaces, like a rug.

Easy, at-home leg exercises

Work out your legs to have a perfect figure

Since you don’t have access to machines or any of the other equipment at the gym, we recommend that your routine includes body weight exercises.

Following that idea, we’re going to share some exercises that you can do at home.

Seated quadriceps

Work out your legs at home

Let’s start with a very easy but effective exercise. To do this one, you will need a chair.

  • Sit in the chair with your legs together and relaxed. Keep your back straight and your hands at your sides.
  • Then, extend your legs asymmetrically, lifting them in front of you without flexing your knees. Start with your dominant leg (for example: right leg)
  • Bring it to the front slowly to avoid injury. Flex and then lower it back down.
  • Then, repeat the same movement with the other leg.

Squats for your glutes

Squats for your glutes

When doing an exercise routine to strengthen your legs, many people forget a fundamental area: the glutes.

Although they’re not part of the legs, they do contribute to their movement. Strong glutes help you avoid injury and they help with the muscular segments of the lower body.

For that reason, it’s important to also work this zone. To do this, you can do a series of squats.

Initial position

Get in the common squat position.

  • Your toes and your knees should be looking outwards.
  • Your feet should be separated shoulder-width apart.

The rest should flow easily: straight back, looking forward and you’re ready.


  • Bend your legs and send the most prominent part of your glutes backwards.
  • Your hands can help you balance your body. Also, it’s recommended that you do this movement calmly and slowly.
  • Lastly, the number of sets and repetitions depends on each person and should be based on their abilities and the desired results.

Strengthening your abductors

Strengthening your abductors

Another important area of the legs is the interior part, where the abductor muscle can be found. The goal is to strengthen it just like the other areas.

Initial position

This exercise can be done in the living room or any other room with enough space to lift your legs out to the sides.

  • To do it, stand up as straight as possible. Your toes should be facing forwards and you should also be looking ahead.
  • Your hands will go toward the supporting leg.


  • Starting with your dominant leg, lift it out to one side as high as possible.
  • Then, lower it slowly until you’re back in the starting position.
  • Immediately repeat the movement with the other leg.

Just like the squats, the sets and repetitions will depend on each person and should be done according to your level of ability and desired results.