How to Simplify your Home with Minimalism

June 23, 2019
Minimalism is not boring by any means. It offers simplicity, elegance, functionality, and order. These tips can help you decorate your home in a minimalist way.

We often tend to store lots of objects in random places because we don’t know where to put them. This makes maintaining order in the house difficult. It can make rooms and spaces chaotic and unorganized. However, minimalism is perfect for bringing order to your house.

The identifying characteristic of minimalism is decorating with the least possible number of elements. This results in all decoration serving a purpose and creates a harmonious space that is organized. It focuses on the basics and gets rid of any superfluous decorations and furniture.

Therefore, the minimalist style emphasizes the space and architectural elements above all else.

8 Ways to Simplify a Space with Minimalism

1. Sort through what you have.

The goal is to only keep what is necessary. Therefore, it’s recommended to sit down and go through each object one by one and sort them. You need to consider if an object is really junk, if it can be given away to someone, or if you treasure it and should keep it.

That is why you should ask yourself why you want to keep an object. With the minimalist style, everything has a function.

Minimalism does not support over sentimentalism or indulgence. Less is more.

2. When one thing enters the house, another leaves.

minimalism style
Minimalist style highlights natural light and makes a space seem larger.

The only way that a style can remain minimalist is if you don’t end up accumulating unnecessary objects again.

To avoid this, there is a simple rule you can follow: every time you acquire something new, you must get rid of something old.

Therefore, when you buy something new or when you’re given something new, you need to first decide if it fits into your house and minimalist style. If it doesn’t, it’s better to not buy it or keep it.

3. Don’t put anything on tables.

Another way to simplify your house and create order is by keeping all surfaces clean and empty.

Many people use centerpieces, candles, or flowers to decorate tables. However, with the minimalist style, you should keep all table tops empty to create the maximum sense of simplicity, functionality, and order.

4. Use simple geometric shapes to take advantage of minimalism.

When choosing furniture and other decorative objects, it’s better to opt for simple shapes and straight lines. Avoid complex furniture with many corners or furniture that’s too decorative and ornate.

5. Keep the walls minimalist, too.

minimalist walls and minimalism
The walls should be scarcely decorated and adorned with simple and small objects.

Minimalism does not just affect furniture. It extends to the walls, as well.

Therefore, you should avoid overloading the walls with pictures or artwork, especially directly over furniture.

You can, of course, still decorate the walls. However, you should try to keep the wall decorations simple and balanced with the rest of the style.

You should also consider using mirrors to decorate the walls. They’re not only elegant and simple, but they also help make the room seem larger.

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6. Take advantage of lighting for minimalism.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating. Minimalism seeks to avoid shadows and dark spaces and instead create more light.

Therefore, you should avoid using heavy and dark curtains, especially if they’re opaque. It’s better to use blinds because they diffuse light without completely blocking it.

Additionally, it’s important to study the characteristics of a room before choosing artificial lighting for the room. The objective is to avoid putting unnecessary artificial lighting in a room.

If you observe a room well, you’ll be able to see exactly where a light is necessary and avoid installing too many lights.

7. Choose minimalist furniture.

While minimalism does tend to involve more serious or austere furniture, it doesn’t mean that the furniture should be dull or boring. The furniture should rather be simple and exude elegance in its simplicity.

Since the functionality of minimalism applies to furniture as well, it’s also best to choose furniture that can have several different functions. This will help prevent clutter in the home.

You should also keep in mind the space that furniture will occupy. It’s best to choose lower and wider furniture instead of tall furniture that takes up more space.

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8. Opt for black and white with a splash of color.

In spaces that only have one color, choose bold colors that stand out.

Usually, minimalist style has a lot of black and white. This is because white can make a space seem larger, while black perfectly contrasts the white to create a simple and elegant space.

However, a space still needs some color. It cannot be all black and white.

To add color to these spaces, it’s best to use objects rather than furniture. For example, the walls and furniture can be mainly black and white, and you can add a plant with large green leaves or brightly colored pillows to add more personality to the room.