How to Reduce Waste Before Producing It

An ecological footprint is a measure of the impact of human life on the environment. In this article, discover some simple things you can do every day to reduce waste before producing it.
How to Reduce Waste Before Producing It

Last update: 14 November, 2020

Lowering your ecological footprint, your environmental impact on Earth, is something we all can do. One of the main things you can do in this regard is to reduce the waste you produce at home. This is one of the keys to preventing pollution and protecting the planet.

There are some very simple things you can do every day to help make the world a cleaner place and produce the least amount of waste.

In this article, discover some ideas to reduce waste before producing it.

What Does Reducing Waste Mean?

A woman recycling a water bottle.

Reducing the waste you produce is a way to prevent the steps of recycling and reusing, as well as pollution.

Surely you’ve heard of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. These are three key points to protecting the environment.

However, the first is probably the most important. If you reduce waste, the other two steps won’t be necessary. If you stop producing waste or at least minimize it, you won’t need to reuse or recycle.

Adopting good habits that lead you to not produce waste is always better than taking steps to repair the damage. For these reasons, reducing waste is actually the first step to protecting the planet.

Responsible Purchasing

The first thing to consider when it comes to reducing waste is the importance of responsible purchasing. The goods that are currently on the market are becoming increasingly disposable. Nowadays, most of them are simply used and discarded.

It’s necessary to be a responsible consumer, which means only buying the things you need and ensuring that they’re good quality. By becoming a rational and conscious consumer, you’ll avoid waste production.

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Watch for Packaging

Plastic packaging.

Excess plastic packaging has a high environmental impact because it generates a large volume of waste.

Another thing you can do to reduce waste is to look at the packaging of the products you’re thinking of buying. There are products that come with excess packaging that’s absolutely useless. Ideally, you should buy products without packaging or minimal packaging and, of course, always carry reusable bags to avoid plastic bags.

It’s preferable to choose products with cardboard or paper packaging and glass containers.

Appliances and Electronic Devices

As for electrical appliances, people tend to throw them out once they break instead of trying to fix them first. Ideally, you should buy good quality appliances that have a long useful life. If they break, you should hire a handyman to see if they can be repaired.

If they can’t be repaired, then a good alternative is to drop them off at places that sell them. Many appliance and electronic device stores receive old appliances, as they can reuse some of their parts.

If this isn’t possible, another option is to take them to one of your city’s recycling centers.

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A Second Chance

A man recycling.

Before disposing of waste, you should always ask yourself if it can be reused.

There are many things that you may no longer use but are in good condition. Before throwing them away, it’s important to consider if they can be of use to someone else. For example, you can exchange clothing and other objects with your friends and family.

Also, many spaces promote the possibility of giving objects a second chance. There are specialized websites that operate like traditional markets. These websites also offer the opportunity of buying things at very low prices.

How to Reduce Food Waste

A good way to reduce food waste is to eat fresh and locally produced food because it generally has less packaging.

As for the packaging, it’s always best to opt for glass containers before plastic bottles. Furthermore, it’s preferable to purchase beverages and cleaning products in large containers.

Drinking tap water is also a great way to avoid consuming plastic bottles. To remove possible lime, there are accessories that can be installed on faucets to ensure healthier and higher quality water.

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