How to Recognize When Your Partner Is Cheating on You

27 August, 2018
Often, we project our fears onto our partners. If you're noticing more jealous behavior than normal, your partner might be cheating.

Actually, these types of situations are one of the main reasons for breakups: while some couples are able to overcome the doubt, others believe that it’s more than enough reason to end a relationship.

Despite the suspicions, we can’t always know if our partner is being unfaithful or not. However, there are certain actions and changes that can flag infidelity.

Has your partner been distant, or do you feel like things are different from how they used to be? Does your partner tell you that he or she loves you while giving you reason to be suspicious?

Below, we’ll share some key signs for identifying a cheating partner.

The affection is long gone

Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Sure, falling into a routine can impact any romantic relationship. However, in the case of cheating, the bond that holds the couple together suffers continuous and obvious blows.

Your partner isn’t affectionate with you like he or she used to be. Your partner doesn’t seek out physical or sexual contact and, despite being by your side, he or she seems miles away.

  • This is a common situation if there’s been a recent cheating incident. Just being with another person eliminates the physical and emotional need from the partner.

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They make excuses to be alone

In order for any relationship to work, both members need to have some alone time. Hanging out with other friends or setting some self-time is completely normal.

However, there’s a problem when your partner starts to give you a million and one excuses to be by themselves more and more: overtime at work, spontaneous hangouts with friends or business trips.

  • In wanting to spend time with the other person, you partner feels the need to lie and justify his or her absence.

New habits at certain times

New habits at set hours

If you start to notice that your partner is trying out new things, especially at a certain time, there’s reason to suspect. A phone call, messages, or a “casual” hangout can be clear sign of his or her cheating.

Why does your partner have to go out at the same time every time? Could it be possible that your partner is working around the schedule of another person?

If you notice nervous behavior or any rushing to avoid suspicion, your partner might be hiding something.

Hiding phone activity

Does your partner often step out for a phone conversation? Does he or she prefer to not pick up while telling you that it’s to avoid interruptions? If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about. If your partner starts to hide their phone activity, maybe it’s to hide something.

You should always trust your partner and respect their phone activity.

However, when he or she becomes defensive about behavior or start acting strangely, it could be a warning sign.

Worrying too much about appearance

Worrying too much about appearance

At first, you might think that your partner is just trying to look good for you. However, if you notice them worrying too much, while not really caring about your reaction, he or she might actually be trying to look  good for another person.

  • A different look, excessive perfume or cologne, or new clothes can just be the beginning.
  • However, sometimes people just look for a change. You need to know how to recognize if there’s a sexual motive.

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Sudden bursts of jealousy

Many people who cheat fear a cheating partner themselves. Just thinking about it can make them even more jealous than they normally are.

If your partner suddenly becomes jealous of a friend or any person in your circle, it could be because he or she is just mirroring his or her own actions.

  • Your partner might constantly ask if you like someone else more, or if that the person who met before is looking for something more.



In many cases, the guilt that arises from cheating produces nervousness and anxiety. The complexity of the situation, and not knowing how to manage nor solve it, can drive your partner to visible lows.

  • You might start to notice strange behavior or a loss of interest in hobbies. The stress of hiding something from you begins to change who your partner once was.

Are you seeing alarming signs of cheating? How are you going to deal with the situation? If you have enough reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you, talk with him or her.