How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus If You Have Diabetes

Patients with diabetes, like other risk groups, need to take preventative measures. In this article, we'll show you how to protect yourself against the coronavirus if you have diabetes.
How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus If You Have Diabetes

Last update: 09 June, 2020

Because of alerts about the coronavirus, many patients with diabetes and their caregivers need to take preventative measures. The COVID-19 pandemic is recent, and there’s a lot we still don’t know. Therefore, here, we’ll talk about how to help to protect yourself against the coronavirus if you have diabetes.

So far, there isn’t exact information on how it spreads, its mode of action, pathophysiology, and more. However, there are certain risk groups, like older adults, people with weakened immune systems, and diabetics.

Although the coronavirus (COVID-19) isn’t deadly under normal conditions, these groups have more serious complications and it can be more dangerous. Here, we want to talk about one group in particular: patients with diabetes.

Therefore, we’ll talk about prevention strategies. Also, we’ll talk about how some diet tips can be helpful to take care of patients with diabetes.

Preventing the coronavirus if you have diabetes

A person washing their hands.

Patients with diabetes, like anyone else, should wash their hands to prevent spreading the coronavirus. Although the virus can live on some surfaces, according to experts, its sensitive to soap, water and alcohol.

Therefore, it’s important to wash your hands frequently. Also, disinfect things you touch a lot, including mobile devices. In addition, it’s best to not leave the house, and avoid contact with others.

Staying 6 feet away from people should be enough to prevent spreading the virus from saliva droplets when speaking.

There’s no research that shows that food spreads the disease. However, it’s best to fully cook food to avoid possible risks.

How to handle the coronavirus if you have diabetes

Going to the hospital isn’t a good idea unless you have serious symptoms. Therefore, it’s best to plan and prevent. In addition, make sure you have doctors’ phone numbers on hand.

It’s important to have enough food at home so you can survive there until the period of incubation and contagion of the virus has ended. Also, you need to have blood sugar monitoring equipment, as well as medication to control it.

If someone with diabetes gets the coronavirus, it’s best to immediately contact your doctor to know how often to control glucose. Also, you shouldn’t stop taking medication unless your doctor tells you.

There are experts who think that pain killers complicate the progression of this disease. However, no studies have proven this to be true. Therefore, it’s best to not self-medicate. Also, follow these recommendations of the professionals below.

Diet against inflammation and coronavirus

Eating well helps protect you against the coronavirus if you have diabetes.

The coronavirus produces a pneumonia that can compromise people’s lives. Therefore, food is always good to reduce inflammation. Studies show that certain foods, such as garlic or leafy green vegetables, have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, we recommend you eat them to protect yourself against the coronavirus if you have diabetes.

In addition, new studies suggest that turmeric can help prevent and improve lung conditions. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity, it’s great to help fight off disease.

Final tips to prevent the coronavirus if you have diabetes

Since health officials still don’t know a lot about the disease, it’s important to be careful if you have diabetes or other conditions. Also, be as clean as possible. That way, you can avoid getting sick. In addition, don’t go outside unless it’s really necessary.

People in risk groups are more likely to suffer severe symptoms. For this reason, they need to know what to do if they show symptoms. Following dietary advice could help improve the symptoms of the disease. However, there aren’t any specific studies yet, as it’s such a new disease.

Finally, it’s important to prevent the collapse of the health system. Because of this, don’t go to the hospital unless it’s extremely important. Tell your doctor if you start to get symptoms or think you have the disease.

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