How to Make an Organizing Board for Your Kitchen

Daily chores can accumulate easily and are easy to forget. However, with the help of an organizing board, you and your family will finally have a place to write them down and remember them!
How to Make an Organizing Board for Your Kitchen

Last update: 24 July, 2019

Would you like to remember if one of your monthly invoices are due today? Do you want to have a place where you can keep your children’s activities organized? What about all of those other meetings or appointments you have? If so, an organizing board can help.

An organizing board is a place where you can write down and schedule all sorts of things.

Overall, the more organized you are, the more order and productivity you’ll enjoy. This, in turn, will positively impact your mood and quality of life. For all of these reasons, we thought you might like to design and make an organizing board of your own.

We’ll tell you how in today’s article.

How to Make an Organizing Board for Your Kitchen

There are times when your kitchen may be chaotic with all sorts of activity going on and people going in and out. You may have many tasks to accomplish and very little extra time to do so. If only you could organize it all in one place…

Fortunately, you can!

We’d like to propose a simple, practical, and cheap solution: build an organizing board! You’ve probably already seen one somewhere.

Today, learn how to make your own and benefit from all it can bring into your daily life.

Make the Most of Your Time and Space

A person scheduling their agenda.
Your daily tasks will be easier to accomplish if you organize them in a visible, practical location.

One of the reasons to put an organizing board in your kitchen is to structure your house from many angles. Keep in mind that it’s important to place it in a highly visible/transited location.

Keeping up with it must be a daily, functional and very accessible tool to all members of the household. Take advantage of that corner you don’t use in your kitchen or, even better, use it the board excuse to remove that ugly painting you inherited (for example).

The board doesn’t have to be huge and you don’t have to give up your best wall for it. Look around and find a surface you can adapt to it to suit your needs for space and aesthetics.

Utilizing your space to suit your taste will make your board as essential as some of your other pieces of furniture.

What Is an Organizing Board?

Before we get into more details, what exactly is an organizing board, anyways?

Basically, it’s a wooden board where you can write and/or hang your notes and papers.

To make one, you don’t have to invest too much money on the purchase of a new one. Instead, you can build a custom one that’s just perfect for you and your space.

One idea is to select an area and cover it with chalkboard paint. Besides, you can cover part of it with a cork sheet to pin notes. Moreover, it’s also common to add a shelf with hooks for your keys, photos, dog leash, etc.

There’s no limit when it comes to the things you can do with these boards, so design yours with you in mind. You don’t need a carpenter; the skillset required to make this kind of board is minimal.

An Organizing Board Can Be Attractive

A kitchen with an organizing board.
Create a unique space that brings value to your kitchen and your family.

An organizing board doesn’t only have to serve a practical function. It could also be a piece of art!

You can make an original piece using a little bit of your innate creativity (yes, you’re creative – everyone is!). Go for it!

These kinds of boards are most often places filled with fun and creativity. The whole family can contribute drawings, quotes, jokes, and even warnings and orders for the whole family such as: “Don’t forget to feed the dog,” “We need bread and milk,” or “Pick up your mess,” etc.

Finally, always remember to delete and update information on your board and try not to accumulate all of your invoices and bills on it. Clean it up from time to time and get rid of anything you no longer need.

Also, don’t leave anything too important on the board (especially something you don’t want to lose). It’s very common for people to move around things in a community board with high traffic so don’t risk it.

If you have young children, keep their height in mind when you design your board so it’s also accessible to them. It’s a great way to invite them to participate in your daily tasks and responsibilities.

A clean, organized house with well-defined responsibilities and roles will help you be more efficient and you’ll end up with more free time. This is a great tool to organize your life!

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