How to Maintain Your Red Tones

28 September, 2018
When selecting a hair color, you need to learn how to maintain it to keep your hair looking fabulous. Learn all about how to care for red hair in this article!

Red  is a lively and energetic color in all of its tones. That’s why red tones have a little something rebellious and seductive about them.

Unfortunately, however, red tones are very high-maintenance. They require extra care because over time, they can lose their shine and look worn out. So, today we’d like to show you how to keep your hair looking vibrant.

Let’s take a look at the keys to maintaining impeccable ginger tones.

You need to match your skin tone

red tones

If you aren’t a natural ginger and are far from it, we recommend asking your hairdresser for hair-care tips to always keep your hair looking great.

Hair-dying is an art, so you need to discover which red best matches your skin tone. To figure out your skin tone, you need to determine if you have cold or warm tones. You also need to factor in your hair and eye colors.

Natural redheads have cold skin tones and almost always have freckles as well. So if you’re going for a natural look, make sure to consider these details.

If you have these skin characteristics, red hair will look quite good on you. However, it doesn’t mean that people with other skin tones can’t play around with tones to find one that fits them.

There’s a right shade for anyone to pull off red hair. Overall, you can choose tones according to whether you have:

  • Light eyes and skin tone: Orange, light copper browns, and chocolate tones are best.
  • Medium-dark skin: Red cherry and burgundy tones look great.
  • Dark skin: Mahogany and red wine tones are very attractive.

Products for red tones

Hair dye often loses its shine and color with every wash. However, you can prevent this by maintaining your hair properly.

For longer lasting colors, you should use neutral pH shampoos without sulfate and, of course, shampoos that are designed for dyed red hair.

Dyed hair is drier than hair that hasn’t been dyed. That’s why using hair-dryers or straighteners can damage hair and leave it looking dull. As a response, you need to hydrate it frequently. Try using products that are designed for moisturizing and maintaining red hair.

Special care in the shower


The size of red hair dye molecules keep them from fully penetrating the hair strand, thus fading more easily than other dyes. You should keep this in mind if you want your color to last a long time. In other words, be careful with how often you wash your hair.

Respect time

Following the hair dye instructions is fundamental for longer lasting red hair. To give an example, if you dye your hair red, you normally shouldn’t wash it for next two days.

Brush your hair before sleeping

You might already brush your hair before going to bed, but now you have even more reason to do it. Dyed hair has three characteristics: it’s thinner, more damaged and weaker. As a result, it tends to tangle.

To prevent your hair from tangling, you should brush your hair with a large, flat comb.

Reduce your stress

Internal problems such as stress, aging, fatigue, hormonal changes or a poor diet can weaken hair follicles. Weakened hair follicles can cause hair loss.

As a result, your hair thins out, which prevents hair from being voluminous and evenly retaining dye. That’s why it’s important and healthy to manage your stress levels.

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Follow a healthy and well-balanced diet

In addition to following a healthy diet, you should take some supplements that provide special nutrients for your hair from time to time. They often come in capsules and give fast results.

You should take multi-vitamins for three months after dying your hair and then take a short break for about a month.

The best supplements to take are those that have vitamin D, zinc and omega 3 because they’re great nutrients for keeping hair strong and healthy.


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Natural hair dyes

Natural hair dyes

If you love red hair and want to keep it looking gorgeous, you can even use certain natural elements to keep your tones. For brighter and bolder tones, for example, you can apply a little red tea to your hair after washing.

While it’s normal to touch up your hair color by applying a little more dye each month, you can also look for natural alternatives as opposed to abusing chemical dyes.