How to Live Serenely

To live serenely, it's important to let go of negative emotions since they only obstruct your well-being. Learn more with us!
How to Live Serenely

Last update: 01 March, 2021

Everyone longs for a calm existence, we all want to live serenely. However, is it possible when life keeps getting more and more hectic?

Being independent means carrying day-to-day concerns and not know if they’ll ever be completely gone. It’s like a heavy backpack that you must carry while walking uphill. You’re trying your best to reach the top but you know that it may not happen, at least not for now.

Well, if you want to live serenely, you must analyze yourself in order to detect what’s currently disturbing you. This, for sure, is definitely easier said than done. Let’s dig deeper into this.

Live serenely and happily

Being able to live serenely will help you put aside anguish and anxiety in difficult times. This desire to live in utter calm goes back to past times. Interestingly enough, during the emergence of the “Hellenistic schools”, this feeling was associated with happiness.

Then, it was believed that a wise person was someone who accepted all life circumstances since they understood that the possibility of controlling all events was out of their reach.

Of course, a person will live in suffering if they’re trying to keep every single thing under control. Actually, the Stoics believed that, in order to be happy, it was essential to get rid of unnecessary things rather than be controlled by them. This was demonstrated in a piece of research conducted by Dr. Restrepo.

Moreover, Ramiro Calle, in his work “The Book of Serenity“, explains that living serenely doesn’t mean having no worries. Instead, it’s about experiencing peace and inner well-being even when things get complicated.

Massino Pugliucci also indicates that stoicism doesn’t consist in hiding emotions but in recognizing them and reflecting on them. According to him, doing this will help you redirect yourself towards your own good.

As of now, we’d recommend that you make Stoic maxims a practical philosophy in daily life. How can you achieve this, though? Let’s see.

A woman with her eyes closed.

Tips to live serenely

Here are some recommendations to learn to live calmly and happily.

  • Point out what makes you distressed. Sometimes it’s easy to do, sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always necessary and worth it. Do this in order to keep yourself calm when you feel stress building up.
  • Analyze yourself. Pay attention to the way you react in different circumstances. Maybe you’re the kind of person who gets upset easily and lashes out. Many people lose their cool over insignificant things. By carrying out some self-analysis, you can live by focusing only on what makes you feel good.
  • Forget about perfectionism. Chronic stress from trying to do everything perfectly is more common than you’d think. Some people want to be perfect at unimportant tasks and only end up feeling dissatisfied or exhausted.
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation. You can also try out other relaxation techniques, such as Pilates or yoga.
  • Clear your mind. Although it may be difficult, try to clear your head from all worries. After all, worrying about nonsense only hurts yourself and doesn’t solve anything.
  • Remember that you’re the priority. Everything else can wait. You need to think of yourself first and then you’ll be able to take care of the rest. If you don’t feel well, your performance could be lackluster and, on top of that, you may experience emotional exhaustion.
  • Discard negative emotions. Here’s a great exercise for you to do. Go and walk for a few minutes and imagine that, with each step you take, you get rid of a negative emotion. In the end, when you’ve “let go” of all those hurtful feelings, you’ll feel so much better.
  • Be grateful. Take a look around and take notice of everything you have. This will definitely make you feel better about yourself and the world as a whole.
  • Redefine happiness. Think about what happiness means to you. You’ll realize that perhaps you need to rethink this term. It doesn’t have to do with material goods, it’s about accepting things as they are.
A woman meditating in order to live serenely.

Set realistic goals

Occasionally, you may also lose your cool by setting difficult or, in the worst case, unrealistic goals. The best thing is to recognize that you’re human and that there are things that you simply cannot do anything about.

Therefore, you must manage time according to your possibilities. Also, this is a good time to reflect on your beliefs and see how they affect and limit the way you see the world.

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