How to Know if You're Addicted to Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking alcoholic beverages in excess can become a dangerous health problem.
How to Know if You're Addicted to Alcoholic Beverages

Last update: 16 November, 2018

Drinking alcoholic beverages has been popular for centuries. Naturally, addiction to them isn’t something rare.

Over time, the way they’ve commercialized these drinks has increased sales considerably. Of course, the number of people that abuse it has also increased. In this way, alcohol becomes a vice. 

What Are Alcoholic Beverages?

An alcoholic beverage is a liquid that is composed of an addition of ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

There are two distinct types of alcoholic beverages based on how they are processed:

  • Alcoholic fermentation. This is one of the most known processes in the fabrication of alcoholic beverages. Fermentation happens when there is an absence of oxygen. Then, carbohydrates are processed through a microorganism. This is how they make beer, wine, and champagne.
  • Alcoholic distillation. Distillation is a process where they separate alcohol and water from a previously fermented liquid. Through this, they make drinks such as whiskey, tequila, and rum, among others.

Alcoholic drinks serve to accompany foods or celebrations. They also serve to boost the flavors of certain foods, such as the case of white wine and seafood.

Generally, they have a pleasant taste.Additionally, these drinks have important benefits for your body that occur when you drink them in moderation. Some of the most well-known benefits are that they:

  • Increase your body temperature (which is especially useful in the cold areas of your body),
  • Help prevent or eliminate gallstones,
  • Have antioxidants that benefit your body in general (in the case of wine).

Delicious and Dangerous

Alcoholic beverages

Despite the fact that alcoholic beverages can accompany a special night out or any other kind of social reunion, they aren’t necessary. 

However, the media has promoted the false vision that these drinks help you have fun and relax. This has caused for some people to abandon moderation and drink in excess.

In other words, people forget how to have fun, feel good and be happy without the help of this substance.

Alcoholic drinks can become an easy escape method for those that don’t actually provide real solutions.

They may taste good, but abusing them causes addiction, and that’s a very serious problem for your health. Keep reading to find out more about it.

How to Recognize Alcohol Addiction

Drinking Quickly

Drinking too fast is one of the indicators of possible addiction. This is due to the fact that the person shows a yearning for surpassing the feeling of control.

This could also develop through games associated with these kinds of drinks. Generally, the objective is to be the fastest person to drink the most.

Social Circles

Social Damage

Social circles are a valuable indicator when it’s time to evaluate a possible addiction. If a person chooses friendships that makes them feel like they have to drink in excess, it’s possible that may develop an addiction. Generally, a person immersed in this problem feels inclined to do so by troubled friends.

Additionally, the deterioration of friendships is an evident indicator.

For example, when the people close to the addict don’t drink the same amount, it’s most common that distance grows between them. Addicts usually distance themselves.

Choice and Excuses

When a person turns to an alcoholic drink regularly, this can be an indicator of an addiction.

In addition, this person will probably give excuses (to try to justify themselves to others) when asked about why they drink so much.

Despite the fact that many people who have addictions will drink many types of alcohol, generally, they have their preference. You could say that they would defend their preference.



When a person shows impatience from drinking, this can be an indicator of addictionFor example, they turn to drinking. When they get to a party, and the person starts drinking immediately.

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