How to Heal Your Chakras

· September 27, 2015

Chakras are channels of energy that run through your body. Life and health flow through them. If one or several of them are sick, the entire system will feel it. Find out more about how to heal your chakras in this article.

Basic Facts About Chakras

In order to fully address this subject, we would need hours and hours, so it’s good to know the most important things at least. The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel of energy” or “wheel of light”. These centers are connected by energy flows and they also regulate your contact with the universe.

Basis or Root

It is dark red and located in the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. It is blocked by fear, and when this happens, it causes sciatic pain, ovarian, uterine, or rectal cancer, constipation, prostate problems, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and immune diseases. It also causes frustration, emotional instability, depression, and low self-esteem.

Sexual or Spleen

It is orange and located in the internal female organs, bladder, pelvis, intestines, and gluteus. Blocking of this causes lumbar and pelvic tension, sciatica, chronic fatigue, impotence, diabetes, cancer, irritable bowel, and kidney and bladder infections. In regards to the emotional side, it causes anxiety, fear, jealousy, distrust, and worrying.

Solar Plexus

It is yellow and is found underneath the belly button, and also includes the liver, pancreas, bladder, spleen, kidney, stomach, small intension, and thoracic cavity. Imbalances from it being blocked cause respiratory and immune problems, bulimia, anorexia, diabetes, stomach acidity, ulcers, gallbladder stones, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and arthritis. In regards to the emotional side, it causes victimization, stress, anger, frustration, guilt, doubt, and the need for constant approval.


It is green and becomes blocked from pain and sorrow. It also includes the lungs, spine, temples, esophagus, and nervous system. The problems that cause it to be blocked are cardiac and respiratory diseases, breast cancer, chest angina, pneumonia, hypertension, and spine pain. In regards to the emotional side, it can cause passiveness, depression, insensitivity, and pain.


It is sapphire blue and includes the mouth, larynx, gums, trachea, thyroid glands, spine, teeth, and shoulders. Its imbalance causes throat pain, bleeding gums, voice loss, allergies, flu, and chronic infections. In regards to the emotional side, it causes obsession, depression, fear, phobias, indecision, and stagnancy.

Third Eye or Front

It is indigo and includes the nose, ears, eyes, pineal and pituitary glands, nervous system, and brain. Problems from this being blocked are headaches, brain tumors, blindness, deafness, convulsions, cerebrovascular issues, and spine problems. The emotional effects are fear, phobias, confusion, nightmares, schizophrenia, panic, and depression.


It is violet and includes the upper part of the head. The effects of it being blocked on the body are chronic fatigue, hypersensitivity to light and sound, skin problems, and muscle-skeletal problems. In regards to feeling, it causes loss of purpose, loss of connection to the divine, worry, depression, closed mindedness, and unhappiness.


How to Know if Your Chakras Are Blocked

You should do some tests to find out if any one of your chakras are blocking the passage of energy to the rest and if there is more than one blockage. You simply have to respond to questions for each chakra. If most of your answers are negative, this chakra may be the one that has to be unblocked.

First Chakra (Root)

Do you feel vibrant, healthy? Do you feel at home? Do you have a strong desire to live? Do you love your body and think you are an amazing treasure? Are you a person full of energy and movement? Are you daring?

Second Chakra (Sacral)

Do you have a healthy sexual desire? Do you feel fulfilled sexually? Can you express yourself sexually? Can you give and receive pleasure?

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Do you know what you want and are confident in yourself? Can you make decisions on your own? Are you aware of your emotions? Can you control how you feel? Do you feel balanced in regards to emotions?


Fourth Chakra (Heart)

Do you have healthy relationships? Do you love yourself? Do you love the people around you? Do you feel compassion for human beings? Do you accept others how they are? Are you good at cooperating? Are you capable of dedicating yourself?

Fifth Chakra (Throat)

Can you express yourself easily? Do you have a happy life? Do you take responsibility for your life? Do you resolve your problems on your own? Do you feel you deserve a reward for your efforts? Do you have enough faith to take on risks? Do you like challenges?

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)

Are you mentally strong? Can you resolve things? Do you have creative ideas? Do you do whatever possible to make your dreams a reality? Do you visualize your goals?

Seventh Chakra (Crown)

Do you feel something big and amazing? Do you feel connected to God or the universe? Do you feel like your life has a purpose?

Affirmations to Heal Blockages in Each Chakra

During a meditation session, you can use phrases or mantras or a few one syllable words that you repeat a few times (the most well-known one is “OM”). There is a specific affirmation and mantra for each chakra.

  • First chakra: “I am one with everything I am, I am sure that I am loved.” The mantra is LAM.
  • Second chakra: “I love myself, I honer myself and all life.” The mantra is MAM.
  • Third chakra: “I am a great creator in my reality and this inspires me.” The mantra is RAM.
  • Fourth chakra: “I am love and unconditional acceptance.” The mantra is IAM.
  • Fifth chakra: “I am the car of my life. The power of choice is mine.” The mantra is JAM.
  • Sixth chakra: “I am sure I can see the truth.” The mantra es OM (or AUM).
  • Seventh chakra: “I am one with the current moment.” This does not use any mantra, because you will meditate in silence.