How to Furnish Your Child’s Bedroom

August 4, 2019
Your child's room is a very important matter. It's the place where they'll spend a lot of time and they should be able to interact well with their surroundings. How should you furnish it? How much space should it have? There are some important guidelines to follow, and we'll tell you about them today.

Your child’s bedroom is probably a tiny jungle inside the house. It may always be a mess of Crayons, toys, shoes, and clothes all over the floor. However, if their room is also small, then the situation might be truly chaotic.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, we’d like to share some tricks for furnishing your child’s bedroom and keep it tidy. There are many options for furnishing and decorating it and these mainly depend on your preferences and the age of your child and how much available space you might have.

Children feel more comfortable in a bedroom that’s cozy and reflects their personality. Therefore, there are many practical things you shouldn’t overlook.

Keep reading to find out our recommendations.

Tips for Furnishing Your Child’s Bedroom

A Minimalist Room A child's bedroom.

The fewer elements you have in a child’s room, the more efficiently you’ll be able to keep it tidy and organized. Besides, your child will have a larger playing area this way.

Their bedroom furniture must be functional. In addition to their bed, they should have a table or desk. They’ll need furniture that allows them to store lots of things.

Don’t, however, overload their space with unnecessary furniture or objects. Keep in mind that children need a lot of free space to play and move around.

Similarly, it’s better not to have too many toys on sight. It’s best to store every toy they take them out little by little. This way, they’ll only have access to their favorites of the day.

Respect Their Preferences

The best way to decide on the decor of your child’s bedroom is to listen to them. Objects should be consistent with their tastes, interests, and favorite colors.

You must never forget that this is their world, not yours. They should be able to claim it as their own and identify with it. Paint it with fun colors.

When a child feels comfortable in their bedroom, then they’ll want to keep it tidy. Order must be part of the game, so, you should make sure there’s a place for everything. Thus, when it comes to furnishing a children’s bedroom, consider storage units.

Storage Units

A room with a closet.
The important thing here is to have large areas in which you can organize and place all of your children’s belongings.

Wouldn’t you like to avoid unnecessary conflicts and endless arguments about keeping a room clean? Well, the best thing you can do for this is to teach your children to take care of their toys. However, you should help them by providing furniture for that purpose.

Wheeled containers and boxes are very useful. We advise that you select them based on the height of your child so they’re within their reach at all times. You could also add labels. That way, children can learn how to sort them into categories.

There’s a lot more room than you think in a small bedroom. You can even take advantage of the space under the bed. In fact, there are many designs for beds like these out there. They all have different features, like drawers. These are ideal for storing many things. These low drawers also offer the advantage of being within children’s reach.

If a child’s bed doesn’t already have drawers, then you can add some boxes with wheels and adapt them to that space. This is, in fact, quite useful to help you keep an orderly room. The important thing here is not to overload the drawers. Also, don’t place heavy things in them, as they could harm your children if they try to move them.

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Small Spaces

There are many ways and tricks to optimize a small space.

To furnish a small bedroom, the first thing you have to do is carefully select the bed. There are many designs for folding beds out there and some are excellent options for small spaces. These types of beds allow ample space during the day so that the child can move freely. At night, you can just unfold them. The system is easy and convenient.

A raised bed is another good option for small spaces. It’s sort of like a bunk bed, but with only one bed. Space below is empty and you can set up a desk or place a rug to make a simple play area.

If the bedroom you’re decorating is for more than one child, then bunk beds are a highly practical solution.

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The Walls of a Child’s Bedroom

A mural in your child's bedroom.

Even though there are times you don’t think about the walls of your child’s bedroom, these are very useful for placing all sorts of things.

You can hang shelves and hooks. Also, there are many accessories you can also hand on the door.

Whatever you do, remember, it’s a room for a child. Design it accordingly.