How to Decorate a Patio in the Andalusian Style

White walls, tiles, and handicrafts are some of the characteristic elements of an Andalusian style patio. Discover other objects and plants to recreate it in your own home here!
How to Decorate a Patio in the Andalusian Style

Last update: 05 August, 2021

If there’s something that many people enjoy when visiting Andalusia, Spain, it’s the region’s famous gardens… So much so that many end up wondering how to decorate their own patios with an Andalusian style!

The truth is that this question deserves an answer. Despite the obvious, such as the white color of the walls, there are other factors that you must take into consideration to ensure success.

The plants you should use require care and attention if you’re truly looking to have an Andalusian patio at home. Its aesthetic revolves around a rustic look and often delights us with its colorful craftsmanship in pots, benches, and water fountains.

Tips for decorating a patio in the Andalusian style

The Andalusian patio is a concept suitable for warm, dry climates that you can recreate in smaller spaces, such as a balcony or small terrace. Although it may not be possible to reproduce its climatic function, without a doubt, you can still reproduce its characteristic beauty.

White color

Pure white is by far the color that covers the walls of traditional Andalusian patios. This tone allows the flowers of various colors, sizes, and types to shine in all their splendor.

The light-toned canvas allows the rays of light to reflect off the vivid colors that make up the Andalusian courtyard. In addition to creating a feeling of freshness, spaciousness, and serenity.


In this choice, your tastes come first. On the market, you’ll find various options ranging from Arabic designs in bright colors to subdued tones and monochromatic patterns. Floral patterns are also very attractive.

The idea is to tick them on the lower half of the wall, while covering the other half with good quality white exterior paint. This combination brings joy and personality to your home. But if your space is small, such as a balcony, light-toned tiles contribute to the natural warmth and brightness.

A balcony in Andalusian covered with ceramic flower pots and plates.
Artwork accompanies Andalusian patios, in colors that contrast with the white of the walls.

Craftsmanship and furniture with a rustic feel

Wrought iron and wood are decorative elements that are present in the Andalusian patio. These complements enhance the rustic style and let you enjoy the outside of your home.

Wine barrels are often additions that some people give to their Andalusian-style patios. Hemp baskets are also a popular part of the decoration style.

Clay and earthenware are great for recreating an Andalusian style

Clay pots, of various sizes and with or without reliefs, are a characteristic element of the Andalusian style. Therefore, you must plant your plants in these clay pots. Similarly, good-sized jars to store some food and drinks are part of the aesthetics.

If possible, incorporate water

The old Andalusian patios were created with utility in mind, as they served as an escape route from the oppressive temperatures of the region. Therefore, people were very careful in their design, from the use of light colors to the incorporation of fountains to evoke a sense of freshness.

The best plants for recreating the Andalusian style

Plants are the beautiful protagonists of this story. Their varied colors, scents, sizes, and shapes transport us to a true oasis. Recreate your own Andalusian patio on the balcony or in the garden of your home with this selection.

Beautiful geraniums

You can find several varieties of this flower: The common geranium, the pansy, and the scented geranium. So, choose the one that pleases you the most. As this is a must-see plant on the walls of traditional Andalusian patios, it should be one of your first choices.

They’re usually planted in clay pots. To guarantee good planting, you must be sure to hydrate the soil and the substrate must be of the hydro control type. This combination will reduce the demand for watering.

Delicious and fragrant citrus are excellent for Andalusian style decor

You can grow lemon and orange trees as ornamental trees. They’ll undoubtedly bring color and beauty to the environment and will impregnate the area with their characteristic scent.

However, take into consideration that these trees don’t do well in cold weather, so you’ll have to protect them when the temperature drops. If you don’t have much space for a medium-sized pot, there are smaller varieties, such as the dwarf orange tree, the ornamental lemon, or the mandarin.

Lush rose bushes

Don’t limit yourself to adorning your garden with just one species. There are tall, dwarf, climbing, or horizontally growing roses that are fragrant and full of beautiful colors. The rose bush is a shrub, but it can be grown in a pot without major problems, by ensuring good drainage and fertilization.

You can avoid waterlogging by placing a layer of stones at the base of the pot. Then mix the soil with special fertilizer for roses and seed them; water with fresh water and you’re done.

Eye-catching climbers

These usually decorate the facades of houses, but look great when they cover one of the walls of the courtyard, climbing up the column or sunroofs. To choose the right one for your home, take into account the characteristics of the site and the terrain. Consult with a supplier.

Ivy, bougainvillea, abutilon, wisteria, and vines are the most popular genera of climbers. Choose only one unless your yard is large.

A large climbing plant with green leaves and red flowers.
Climbers and vines with showy flowers are ideal for the Andalusian look we’re going for in these patios.

Attractive begonias

These types of plants are planted in pots and can make eye-catching flowerbeds and borders, ideal for beautifying patios and terraces. Flowering begonias, for example, need generous watering in hot weather, but you shouldn’t allow their soil to become soggy.

Likewise, you must prevent seeds from forming in their flowers and remove faded flowers without delay. When making your choice, keep in mind that they bloom in good weather. And hanging begonias look beautiful on balconies.

An Andalusian-style patio enhances the beauty of any place

An Andalusian-style patio plays with the white color of its walls and the vividness of the flowers in such a way that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it.

Before choosing plants, remember to take into account the type of climate where you are. They’ll always need dedication on your part, but it’s worth it!

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