How to Decide What Color to Paint the Kitchen

Choosing what color to paint the kitchen can be difficult. In today's article, we'll share some colors that we recommend for this space.
How to Decide What Color to Paint the Kitchen

Last update: 24 July, 2021

Your kitchen isn’t usually the room in your house where you host guests, but it’s one of the most important places in your home. We spend a lot of our lives in it. So, today we’re going to help you decide what color to paint the kitchen.

Colors can influence our mood in different ways. If your kitchen isn’t pleasant and comfortable, you may transfer those feelings to your food as you cook. In fact, we often associate various shades of the visual spectrum palette with specific sensations. 

For example, green can evoke feelings of vitality and hope, while purple is related to spirituality. So, it’s important to understand which colors will work best for each room in your home. That way, you can create feelings of harmony and well-being. 

How to decide what color to paint the kitchen

When trying to decide what color to paint the kitchen, you can use Feng Shui techniques as well as the psychology of color. In addition, you can complement your choice with aesthetic criteria.

One interesting idea is to establish contrasts between cold and warm, light and dark, as well as pastel and saturated tones. Another alternative is to give your kitchen a theme. For example, if you tend to make sweet dishes, or if you like to snack and eat breakfast in there, you can paint the kitchen with shades of chocolate or coffee.

A modern kitchen.

3 colors we recommend

When it comes to choosing the best colors to paint the kitchen, there are some shades we wouldn’t recommend. One of those is white. Although this color has positive qualities, it can also be very routine and boring. 

Another color that we wouldn’t recommend is red because it’s too heavy on the senses. Here are some colors that we do recommend for your kitchen:

1. Orange

Orange is a warm color that goes well with white or metallic appliances. Also, it can go well with wooden materials, which makes it ideal for country-style kitchens.

2. Green

Anyone looking for a retro-style kitchen knows that this color was frequently used in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, since it’s a softer color, you can combine it with a bit of white to create a more luminous space. This will also keep the room from looking smaller. 

3. Yellow

Yellow is an interesting color, especially when you combine it with metallic appliances or white cabinets. It’s also one of the few vibrant colors that will bring more light into the room.

Similar to orange, this color can help you feel happier, but it’s not so strong on the eyes. Therefore, it’s one of the most fascinating options if you’re looking to paint the kitchen.

A linear kitchen.

Paint the kitchen with ecological paints

Regular house paints are usually made with elements that can affect our health. In addition, they can pollute the planet. Because of that, a study from the National Autonomous University of Mexico argues that we need to use ecological paint that won’t harm the environment or the people who live in our home.

You can check with your hardware or paint store to see if they have paints with fewer harmful substances – ones that are low-polluting. This investment will help improve your home’s decor while also protecting your family. 

Remember, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Therefore, it’s important to make it a pleasant area where you can feel good. The first step is to choose your paint carefully.

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