How to Change Your Negative Thinking

To change a negative thought, you must first modify your way of seeing things and learn to take responsibility only for what really belongs to you.
How to Change Your Negative Thinking

Last update: 04 May, 2022

What would you say is your habitual thought pattern? We refer to that voice that is in your head and that arises irrationally and automatically throughout your life.
If you’re reading this article about how to change your negative thinking, it’s because this is becoming or is already a common problem.
However, you should not try to eliminate negatively all the time. Used well and viewed objectively, negative thoughts give you signals regarding what to change or where you need to work on something.
In case these ideas are limiting you, however, put these tricks into practice to change your negative thinking.

1. Take action

It’s impossible to change negative thinking for purely good, pleasant and positive ideas. In fact, an absolutely perfect life and thought pattern would put you at risk in many ways.

Instead of focusing in vain on what isn’t possible, analyze the ideas that are bothering you:

  • What theme do they relate to?
  • What specific action could help you to calm that idea?

When you have clear answers to these two questions, you’ll know how to move forward.
For example, your negative thinking might revolve around the idea that your relationship will end. By analyzing what is happening, you may discover that your husband no longer talks to you or takes an interest in what happens to you. In that case, you can take action and solve the problem.
If you don’t act, you run the risk of more stress, more negativity, and unhealthy avoidance. Naturally, it’s better to get down to work and reduce the problems as soon as possible.
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2. Meditate

Are you looking to change your negative thinking about internal factors such as your personality or your physique? Many people have serious problems accepting who they are and various personal aspects.
In this case, in addition to working on the problem as in the previous point, you must reconcile with yourself.  can be a complex process, but it’s always better to continue with the ideas that affect you so much.
Some ideas that require this internal work are:
  • “I’m not able to…”
  • “I should be more..”
  • “I’m not good enough…”
  • “If only I were more…”

If you feel that meditating is not enough for you, try psychological therapy. We can not always deal with these problems by ourselves.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Changing your negative thinking is a gradual process that’s easier when you’re with people who bring you good energy. There are people who, in reality, would not have negative thoughts if they were with the right people.
Analyze the people you spend most of your time with. Remember that they define you to a great extent. Although you may love them a lot, sometimes it’s better to get away a little.
For example, your ideas about not being good enough in your work can be derived from the fact that your mom always compares you to someone you know. In that case, you’re used to comparing yourself with people who have different characteristics and a different reality.
In this sense, anyone who is toxic to your life should have limited access to you. Forget your intention to be nice or good person for a moment: if it’s affecting you, get away a little.
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4. Distribute responsibilities

overworked and stressed woman

Another way to change your negative thinking is to stop taking on responsibilities that don’t correspond to you and that impose burdens that you do not need.
This is a very common problem in people who are usually in charge of their family or their work.
  • For example, this happens often mothers who are always blaming themselves because their children get bad grades but do not stop to analyze that their child does not pay attention to their teachers or do homework.
  • Of course, Mom has some degree of responsibility. However, the moment she imposes consequences on bad grades, the child will learn to act as they should and Mom can free herself from those ideas.

5. Stop acting like a victim

Stop Acting Like a Victim

Do you complain all the time about what is wrong because you think you deserve more? Well, making yourself the victim facilitates the appearance of negative thoughts.
The next time these appear, ask yourself what you were waiting for and what you have done to achieve it. This point has a lot to do with the first one we mentioned.
When you stop acting or you postpone your decision making, you are sabotaging your progress and the possibilities of getting where you want.
We understand that it is very easy to be the victim. This way you protect yourself when things go wrong and you have a justification for not taking action.
But, for how long can this work? Is it really giving you an advantage?
By limiting yourself to being a , you give control of your life to other factors and that is never as rewarding as working for what you want.
Now tell us, what do you do to change your negative thinking? Have you thought about these options?It might interest you...
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