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How to Care For Wood Furniture

In addition to routine cleaning your wood furniture, you should give them some extra care so that they don't deteriorate nor lose their natural shine.
How to Care For Wood Furniture

Last update: 09 November, 2018

When it comes to buying new furniture, people tend to choose comfortable furniture that is also stylish and modern. However, some people often worry about maintaining their wood furniture because they don’t know anything about the subject and not all wood responds the same to care.

Although not all furniture and materials react the same, you should care for your furniture to make sure it stays in excellent condition.

How Often Should Wood Furniture be Cleaned?

There isn’t an exact time frame for this task. However, it’s important to clean your furniture thoroughly at least once a week. During this deep cleaning, you’ll remove the dust and debris that can damage the wood.

Constantly cleaning your furniture will make them last longer and keep them shiny and elegant.

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Some Natural Remedies to Clean Wood Furniture

There are many ways to clean wood furniture right at home without compromising its integrity.

Here are some interesting home tricks with ingredients you already have at hand:

Egg Whites

egg whites

Egg whites can make wood furniture that has become extremely dry and dull look great again.

They help restore them and keep them hydrated, bright, and shiny.

  • In order to properly use this technique, you should separate the egg whites from the yolks. Then, whisk the egg whites stiff.
  • After that, add a spoonful of ammonia (15 ml) and apply directly on the wood.
  • Finally, let stand for a couple of minutes and clean with a dry cloth. This will make your wood furniture look shiny again.

Olive Oil and Lemon

This is one of the most used natural formulas when it comes to wood furniture.

It makes wood look really shiny and polished, including furniture that has already been varnished.

  • The only thing you need to do is mix equal amounts of both ingredients, apply on furniture, and let dry.

Olive Oil and Rubbing Alcohol

olive oil

This method is used on furniture that has been varnished to make them look shiny again and get rid of nicks and scratches.

  • As with the previous method, you should mix equal amounts of both ingredients, apply on the wood, and let dry naturally.

Olive Oil and Red Wine

It’s an ideal choice for dark wood furniture, as well as wood furniture that’s difficult to shine due to its opacity.

  • All you have to do is mix a little olive oil with red wine and apply it on the wood.
  • Then, you should apply a layer of glycerine to the furniture that will act as a protective and glossy film.

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Alternative Care

Remember that wood furniture needs maintenance based on products and remedies and also some alternative care:

Protect the Wood From the Heat and Sun

wood furniture

Heat and too much sun can be very aggressive and harmful to wooden furniture. They might make them lose its color or finish and even stain them.

This is why you should place objects or fabrics on your wood furniture to protect them.

Maintain Proper Climate

Wood furniture is often extremely sensitive to climate changes. Its structure may crack or they may be affected if it’s too dry or wet inside or outside.

To avoid problems, you should maintain a 23ºC temperature environment and 42% humidity.

Avoid Sudden Movements

When changing your furniture’s position, it’s important not to make sudden movements because they could spoil or damage the wood finishes.

To successfully mobilize furniture, you should lift them off the ground or use a furniture mover.

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