How to Be Happy with Yourself

To be happy with yourself, you need to cultivate self-love, conquer your fears, and stop internalizing other people’s opinions. Discover other guidelines in this article!
How to Be Happy with Yourself

Last update: 29 May, 2021

Being happy with yourself is one of the most important things in life.

What does this mean? How can you be happy with yourself?

When you feel happy or comfortable with yourself, you can fully live in the present and look forward to the future with optimism and hope. In other words, you flow with life.

The opposite occurs if you don’t learn to love, forgive, or accept yourself, as this leads to fears, anxiety, and worries.

So how can you be happy with yourself? Follow these guidelines! When you do so, you’ll start seeing things from a different perspective, from the perspective of self-love.

You CAN be happy with yourself

Being “happy with yourself” can mean something different for each person, because everyone’s path to happiness is different. However, we can all make decisions that allow us to live in harmony. The meaning of happiness is complex. For some authors:

“Happiness isn’t a goal. It’s found on the journey, the path.”

As such, we can affirm that each person will take a different path, as we’re all unique. The thinker Antonio Pérez Esclarín stated that:

“There are over seven billion people in the world. But none like you. It’s possible that someone resembles you in body structure, in the way you walk, in the tone of their voice, the way they laugh, the color of their eyes…But you’re different than the rest. You’re unique and unrepeatable.”

As such, we can conclude that we’re all unrepeatable, unique beings, and each of us has our own path to happiness.

But how can you learn to be happy with yourself? Follow these recommendations!

Guidelines to help you be happy with yourself

A woman with a high self-esteem.
To be happy with yourself, you must break negative and limiting thought patterns and cultivate self-love.

We should start by highlighting some mistakes that keep you from achieving happiness. These are:

  • Disregarding the present. This is when you focus on the past or on things or people that are no longer a part of your life. Thus, you don’t fully enjoy or take advantage of the opportunities each new day brings.
  • Having limiting beliefs. For example, “Life is hard”, “I won’t be able to change”, or “This is hard for me”, among other cognitive distortions.
  • Not enjoying what you do. This occurs when you don’t like your work or when you work so hard that you don’t have time to relax and connect with nature and yourself.
  • Staying in the same place or with the same person out of habit and out of fear of the unknown.
  • Postponing your dreams, perhaps to support someone else’s.

In addition to these mistakes, others can keep you from being happy with yourself. Below, you’ll see what you can do about it.

Happiness guidelines

A woman at peace with herself.
Letting go of your fears, putting your dreams above what others expect of you, and indulging yourself are guidelines that lead to happiness.
  1. Let go of your fears and practice detachment. Feeling excessive attachment to material things or people can lead to anxiety and affect your well-being.
  2. Recognize that you’re your home. Thus, your “home” isn’t a physical place such as the house you live in or the building where you work. If you understand this, you’ll feel at peace anywhere.
  3. Respect yourself. Don’t indulge others just to make them feel happy. You need to respect your own boundaries.
  4. Forgive your mistakes, as you’re not perfect. In fact, nobody is! We all make mistakes. As such, learning to forgive yourself is key.
  5. Indulge yourself. Reward your achievements, those small goals that you achieve every day. Eat some ice cream, buy a book, go out on the town. Give yourself permission to be happy.
  6. Don’t put off your projects. The time is now! Don’t stop following your goals to help another person reach their dreams. You’re your main project and investment. If you continue to postpone your dreams, you’ll eventually feel frustrated, as you’ll realize just how much you could’ve accomplished if you’d simply conquered your fears.
  7. Talk about yourself in the best possible way. Avoid being too hard on yourself. Talk to others about your qualities. If you’re compassionate and generous with yourself, you’ll feel at peace.
  8. Choose your circle well. Avoid surrounding yourself with toxic people or complainers. Only surround yourself with people who convey positive emotions and make you feel enthusiastic.
  9. Decorate your spaces. Use any decorative element you like so you feel comfortable while at home. Although happiness doesn’t depend on physical structures, keeping your home tidy could help you feel calm. Colors are also important because they transmit energy.
  10. Have a positive attitude. Let go of anger and resentment and avoid taking things personally. Remember that we’re all a reflection of our inner states. Thus, some of the things people say to you are simply projections of themselves.

Still struggling?

If you have broken self-esteem, apply these guidelines. They’ll help you see that you can be happy with yourself without depending on anyone!

You’ll also start to make important decisions that will surely change your life.

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