How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging Habits

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering every single thing that we eat, so it’s important that you don’t overburden them. Using medications indiscriminately can also be very bad for them.
How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging Habits

Kidneys are vital organs that are responsible for filtering out waste and excess fluids so they can be eliminated through your urine. While this means that they’re incredibly important for your overall health, a lot of people keep bad habits that can negatively affect their kidney function.

You can live a relatively normal life with only 20% of your kidney function. It’s possible to think you’re completely healthy, while being unaware that your kidneys are slowly degrading. In a lot of cases, kidney damage sends very few warning signals, and is only discovered when it’s too late. Fortunately, if you keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid certain bad habits you can reduce your risk of kidney damage.

Good kidney health is synonymous with your overall well-being. That’s why experts have identified seven habits that damage your kidneys, as well as how to avoid them in order to lead a healthier life.

Drinking soft drinks and sodas

How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging HabitsResearch led by the University of Osaka in Japan found that people who drink two or more soft drinks a day have an increased risk of kidney disease. The study recruited 12,000 people who drank large quantities of soft drinks, and discovered that they were more likely to have a type of protein in their urine, known as proteinuria. Proteinuria is an early sign of kidney damage, although at that stage it’s still reversible. Also, sodas and soft drinks are related to a higher risk of developing kidney stones.

How can you avoid this?

Instead of choosing a canned or fountain soda, try drinking more fresh juices, vegetable juices, and of course, water.

Excess sodium consumption

How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging HabitsOne of the many things your kidneys do is metabolize the sodium you ingest with your foods. The salt that’s added to your diet is the main source of sodium, which should ideally be eliminated almost entirely. When you consume too much sodium it makes your kidneys work twice as hard, and this affects their long term health.

How can you avoid this?

Because salt is an ingredient that’s present in practically every product you buy at the grocery store, try to minimize your intake. Instead of adding salt when you cook, try substituting spices like oregano, coriander, turmeric, pepper, and ginger.

Caffeine intake

Although moderate consumption of coffee doesn’t pose a health risk, drinking too much can actually cause kidney damage. Caffeine increases blood pressure, and this puts a lot of strain on your kidneys.

How can you avoid this?

Just remember to drink caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea in moderation, and avoid commercial energy drinks. Try a power packed smoothie or some fruit to give you that energy boost instead.

Abuse of pain killers

How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging HabitsThanks to the fact that many pain killers are available over the counter, most people think they’re the best choice for their pain management. Unfortunately, it’s become clear that the overuse of pain medications can have serious side effects, including kidney damage.

How can you avoid this?

Ask your doctor about alternative therapies for pain management. You can also opt for some natural remedies that have analgesic properties.

Foods that are high in protein

Protein is essential for the proper function of your body, but only in reasonable amounts. Foods like red meat, fish, and even eggs can make your kidneys work harder than they should.

How can you avoid this?

Protein-rich foods are part of a balanced diet, of course, but only when consumed in moderation. You can also choose vegetable protein as an alternative, which is both easier to digest and just as healthy.

Drinking too much

How to Avoid 7 Kidney Damaging HabitsExcessive alcohol consumption is a bad habit that can rapidly cause kidney damage. Alcohol contains toxins and chemicals that are very aggressive toward both the kidneys and the liver.

How can you avoid this?

Stay alert when you’re drinking alcohol and avoid binge drinking. Instead of ordering another drink, order sparkling water, juices, or tea.

Resisting the urge to urinate

When your body is telling you to go to the bathroom, it’s important that you relieve yourself as soon as possible. Holding urine is a bad idea because in the long term, it can lead to kidney failure or incontinence.