How Your Spinal Column Changes Due to Stress

Although we may not connect the two, stress can be one of the factors that most affects the health of our spinal column, because it causes tension
How Your Spinal Column Changes Due to Stress

Last update: 18 March, 2018

Stress always ends up having repercussions on our physical condition and health in one way or another. The changes that happen to our spinal column due to this problem are one example of this.

In this article, we’ll share with you all the changes and anomalies that are caused in this area due to stress.

It has also been shown that high stress levels increase the risk of developing psychosomatic illnesses. In addition, however, they also have an effect on your spinal column.

Let’s take a look at how:

1. Pain in the upper cervical part of the spine

spinal column

Pain issues in the neck area are often caused by psychological trauma. This can be due to an excess of responsibilities and problems.

When the body is stressed, it reacts in this way.

2. Greater likelihood of developing escoliosis

With stress, we end up having a greater likelihood of developing escoliosis. This is an illness that can happen if the person has to spend time with his/her back bent over in certain circumstances.

This happens especially when people are subjected to a lot of pressure at home or at work.

3. Pain in the lower part of the spine

Pain in the lower part of the spine

Pain at the waist

Stress can also cause strong pain in the area of the lower back, almost at the level of the waist.

If you find that you suffer from this kind of problem without any apparent reason and you haven’t put on excess weight, it’s likely that the cause of your problem could be psychological.

  • Stress and worry often arise due to work or personal problems. Try to identify whats worrying you and resolve it.

Pain in the coccyx

Another area of the lower back that can be affected is the coccyx. This is one of the areas most commonly affected by stress.

This area is often especially sore if you have had an injury there in the past.

To try to resolve this kind of pain, the best thing you can do it try to strengthen your abdominal muscles and those of the lower back. This way, you can preserve the health of your spinal column.

Overall, you should bear in mind that it is the abdominal area that supports your body and helps to reduce the load of the weight of the back.

Thus, having strong abdominal muscles will give you the best natural support for your spine.

Other reasons that cause spinal problems

Other reasons that cause these problems in the spine

  • Problems related to posture. These are more common than we think because, due to factors like working for a long time in the same position, we end up with problems like torticollis.
  • Degenerative problems caused in large part by the wearing away of the joints, like arthrosis for example.
  • Problems related to the intervertebral discs, which are responsible for buffering and protecting the vertebra, also cause damage to the spinal column.
  • It’s also sometimes caused by injuries resulting from accidents, dislocations, sprains, hernias and muscle tears.
  • Finally, another motive is the possibility of having an infection of the skeletal or neurological system.  Problems like tuberculosis or meningitis, or tumors or inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis fit in this category.However, this is not very common.

What you can do about it

In any case,  it’s necessary to apply a series of treatments to get rid of this discomfort.

Overall, there are specific treatments for each particular case:

  • This can be done with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, surgery or grafts.
  • Therapies tend to come together with rehabilitation exercises to recover the functioning of the joints and the affected muscles.

Of course, there’s no use undergoing treatment to end the physical pain if you don’t manage to identify the source of the stress which is causing us this problem.

If you are someone who is constantly subjected to stressful situations, don’t let this affect the activity of your nervous system.

To achieve this, adopt a series of habits that enable you to care for this area of your body. Do them regularly, before you develop any kind of injury or more serious problem.

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