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How to Lose Weight Gradually and Healthily

Find out how to lose weight little by little. You will see that it is made up of applying a series of simple actions that, in the long run, add up. 
How to Lose Weight Gradually and Healthily

Last update: 01 November, 2020

When we want to lose weight, we normally want to have immediate results. However, this is a process that requires time, perseverance, strength and discipline.

Of course, you will need to have a healthy diet plan, that doesn’t just include essential nutrients for the body but that also includes the recommended quantities of each food. Also, it is necessary to stay hydrated in order to enjoy true wellness. 

Tips to lose weight step by step

1. Learn to breathe deeply

Instead of breathing from your chest, you should breathe from your stomach from now on. You will see how this simple habit will help you to lose weight little by little.

Also, adopting this habit in your life will help you develop a toned abdomen. It will also help you to better oxygenate the brain and optimize all of the body’s functions.

You can start to your deep breathing every day for five minutes and increase it progressively.

2. Shower with contrasts between hot and cold

Showers with contrasts between hot and cold are another simple way to lose weight little by little. It consists of the following: at the end of the shower, you will have to alternate the temperature of the water. Cold for a bit, then hot for a bit.

This will make you lose weight, but it is not the only benefit that it has on our health. It can also be very beneficial for treating illnesses such as arrhythmia, dystonia and hypertension in its initial stage. It also helps to reduce cellulite. 

3. A good massage

Massages, done well, and with a certain frequency, are another way to lose weight little by little. However, you shouldn’t use it as an exclusive method. It should be used, instead, as a complementary measure. 

Massages help to breakdown fat deposits in the body, increasing blood circulation in the abdominal zone and normalizing intestinal movements. Because of that, it promotes the release of toxins through defecation.

4. Chew gum

Chewing gum is another technique to lose weight little by little. The reason? Simple, we are chewing but we are not actually ingesting anything. That way, we are keeping both our mouth and brain occupied and our anxiety levels are reduced.

The most recommendable thing is to choose gum that does not contain sugar. You can choose those that have peppermint, eucalyptus or mint.

5. Don’t forget to drink water

Sometimes we think that we are hungry when, in reality, we are just thirsty. This is exactly what a team of researchers discovered. And it is because, as it seems, our body creates the same signals when we are thirsty as when we are hungry.

Because of that, we often confuse the feeling of hunger with that of needing to hydrate because our body needs water.

Staying hydrated is another way to lose weight little by little. Why? Because, by increasing our water consumption, the body will be able to release more toxins and this is helpful when it comes to stepping on the scale.

We don’t recommend drinking beverages that say “low in sugar” or anything else that appears to be a diet product. Many of these have the same values of any carbonated drink and don’t provide the body with any real benefits. The best option is mineral water. 

6. Take the stairs

Yes, although it may seem very simple and not very effective, this is one of the best ways to lose weight little by little. Certainly, the act of adding up small forms of physical activity, like taking the stairs any time we can, will help us create a certain resistance and we will start to enjoy exercise.

According to research financed by the National Research Council at the Cooperative University of Colombia, it is possible to lose weight if you take the stairs daily. Of course, we do not recommend that it be your only form of exercise, nor should it be your only healthy habit.

7. Heightened your desk at work

It might seem a little uncomfortable, but a great part of the companies in Europe have already carried out this practice. It includes working at a light elevation in respect to the level of the floor. This will help us to burn 50 more calories a day, per hour, than if we stay seated, with our body at the same level.

So, if you have the opportunity to do this, don’t hesitate to try this method. You will be able to lose, without having to move, up to three kilos of weight a year. And we assure you that it is much more comfortable than you think. Try it out!

Many times it is hard for us to make a lot of effort. After all, it isn’t easy to stop our bad habits. The good news is that it isn’t impossible. So, give it a try!

You don’t have to go hungry, you just have to balance your portions and watch the quality of your foods. It also isn’t necessary to work our body to exhaustion when it comes to exercise. Instead, set aside a certain amount of time a day to move your body and oxygenate your body better. 

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