How to Control Food Cravings

· December 10, 2014

Dietary disorders are oftentimes related to emotional problems. Today, we would like to talk about anxiety, which can cause food cravings and lead to serious problems, such as addiction to unhealthy foods. Anxiety is a condition that pretty much everyone can experience. Although there is no treatment to cure it in one day, it can be controlled.

Food cravings can be very easily controlled if you make an effort to adopt certain changes in your lifestyle and follow the advice below.

Reduce Your Consumption of Sugar

You have to do whatever’s possible to reduce, or even better, eliminate sugar from your daily diet. This will greatly reduce your craving for more sugary foods, since the more sweets a person eats, the greater they feel the need to eat other sweet foods.

Increase Your Water Consumption


Experts always recommend drinking at least six glasses of water during the day. It is very important to follow this wise advice. Also, if you make it a habit to drink water before every meal, you will feel less hungry.

We Recommend Eating a Few Times a Day

We recommend not skipping any of your three main meals because if you stop eating one of these meals, your desire to eat will double at the next meal, which will result in weight gain. Also, between these three meals you should eat three snacks. Try to have them be healthy, like fruit or cereal for example.

Exercise Everyday

This is a very effective way to control food cravings. Physical exercise is something that nobody should be missing in their life since it is the best way to live healthily, physically as well as mentally, especially when you want to set aside emotional problems, like in the case of cravings.

Distract Your Mind


Right when you feel a huge craving for a sweet or any unhealthy food, the best thing to do is to try to distract your mind in someway. Divert your attention and focus it on a very different point. It could be reading, a phone call, or simply something that takes your mind off the desire to search for food.

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast should be the main meal for everyone. Therefore, it has to be as complete as possible because your metabolism will be correct. If on the other hand, you skip breakfast or eat something that is not nutritious enough, by nighttime you will have to eat double the amount because your body will need it. Keep in mind that at nighttime while you sleep, you don’t eat any food. That’s why you should compensate for this lack of food in the morning.


There are a few herbs that can be a huge help to prevent and improve tension that can be caused by an infinite number of setbacks that frequently happen in everyone’s life. These plants are: chamomile, green tea, and valerian. You can make infusions with them to drink when going to sleep and in the morning. As a result, your cravings will greatly be reduced.

Get Enough Sleep


When you get good quality and enough sleep, it stimulates the leptin hormone, which is in charge of indicating to the brain that your body is completely satisfied and does not require any other type of food to feel good.

Eat More Protein

If you eat a greater amount of proteins for breakfast, your body will feel satisfied for the rest of the day, which will lower your desire to eat outside of normal eating times.

Study Your Routine

It is important to be aware of the things that can happen day to day and to discover which of them causes the cravings that excessively triggers the need to eat. If you discover the cause, it will be much more easy to find the proper solution.

Get Rid of All Temptation

Undoubtedly, the best way to prevent falling into temptations is to do whatever possible to get them away from you. So, every time you buy food, you should try to only buy essential food and not give into your cravings, i.e. sweets and other snacks sold at supermarkets. The best thing to do would be to buy fruit.

Try to Be Happy

Serotonin is the happiness hormone, which is released when people feel fulfilled and happyThis hormone is related with your appetite and is artificially produced when you eat chocolate.

By following this advice, you can largely reduce food cravings. The best way to achieve this is with a lot of willpower, as we said earlier, because it won’t do anything if you do it one day and not the next. The most important thing is consistency and the desire to leave this problem behind before it turns into an addiction.