How Can You Have a Strong Mother-Child Relationship?

03 November, 2020
Every mom dreams of having a good relationship with her child. This is possible, but like any relationship, it must be worked on daily from the bases of communication, trust and support. Find out more in the article below.

A strong mother-child relationship is a dream that all moms have.

The love between a mother and her child is true and unconditional, there’s no doubt about that. However, relationships are not always easy. For this reason, we will share a series of tips so that you can understand and get along with your child in the best way possible.

Do you want to have a good mother-child relationship?

1. Save time for each other

Mother-Child Relationship

Take time out of your schedule and spend quality moments with your child. Take part in an activity that both of you like. Sit with your child and ask how things are going in their personal life, how they’re doing at school and watch a movie together.

The holidays are a great opportunity to spend good times with your child.

Even if you are working during holidays, keep your weekends free and do fun things with them. However, respect the moments when your child is busy and let them know that they should also respect it when you are busy. Both of you should understand that there is a moment for everything, and that if today it wasn’t possible, tomorrow will be another day.

2. Know what your child likes

Find out what activities your child enjoys doing. This is how you will easily know what things you can do together. Observe what your child does, but don’t overdo it. See what type of things they do regularly, what their favorite hobby is, what colors they like, the types of shows they watch on television, and pay attention when they talk to you.

Observe your child to ensure they don’t have friendships that encourage negative behavior. If you see your child reading, ask them what they’re reading and why they enjoy what they’re reading. If your child is watching videos, watch some and enjoy them together. If you see your child playing, ask them what game they are playing and why they like it so much.

This is how you will get clues about your child’s tastes and they will be happy that you are interested in the things they like. Likewise, they will feel happy because you accompany them for their favorite activities.

3. Help your child with their homework

Help your child with their homework

Helping your child with their tasks is an essential step in developing a good mother and child relationship. Supporting your child in their duties is a gesture that they will remember throughout their life. Sit with your child and do homework together. As a mother, you must participate in your child’s education and give all your support. Don’t give your child the answers, just help them find them.

Congratulate your child when they get good grades at school and let them know that you are proud of them. And if they haven’t had a good day, let your child know that they can come to you with any problem. Make sure that learning is not tedious. Help your child study for exams through question games or by asking them to explain the lesson.

4. Talk to your child and listen to them

Communication is the basis of any relationship, and this is no exception. You should listen to your child, let them know that they can approach you when they need it. Make them understand that you will be there to listen, understand and advise.

When you talk with your child, do it kindly and address the main point of the conversation. By doing this, your child will not get bored or think you’re trying to give a lecture. Look your child in the eyes and make them do the same.

Be interested in the things that your child is interested in. For example, if your child wants to go to the movies with some friends, don’t deny them the opportunity to go. Inquire about movies on billboards and who they are going with.

5. Support your child

Support your child

Support is an essential step in achieving a good mother-child relationship. Once you discover their talents, encourage them to enroll in any activity: swimming, dance, music, etc. These should be according to your preferences and you should support it in each step you take.

Do everything possible to attend their important events or activities and give them a few words of encouragement. Let them know that no matter how things go, they will always be your pride; that you will always be there to smile and applaud them.

In case you can’t attend an important event, make it clear that it’s one of those situations that is out of your control. However, tell your child that they can count on you when they need it, and that you trust that they will do their best.

6. Trust your child

Children often lie sometimes. However, if this happens it is because, perhaps, you also do it and they can think of this behavior as something normal. Be honest with yourself and with those around you. Keep your promises and teach your child to enforce his word. If they say they will do something, tell them to do it.

When you see your child performing their duties responsibly, you can start trusting them more. From time to time, comfort your child and reward them for a good attitude.