How Can We Prepare for Chemotherapy?

Proper preparation for chemotherapy allows us to know what we're going to face and how to reduce the risks and side effects. What should we take into account in order to prepare for chemotherapy? Find out here!
How Can We Prepare for Chemotherapy?

Last update: 14 June, 2021

Preparing for chemotherapy allows us to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by this cancer treatment.

Although feeling fear about the process is common, preparation’s a key component to facing it in the best way possible. In fact, entities such as the non-profit organization Cancer Council Victoria point out that it’s worth considering a series of general questions beforehand, especially because the effects of the procedure may differ in each patient.

What should we know to prepare for chemotherapy?

We’ll tell you in the following article!

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a term widely used to refer to a cancer treatment modality that uses drugs that are toxic to cells. These drugs are called cytotoxic drugs.

Because of the mechanism of action of these drugs, once our doctor tells us that we should undergo chemotherapy, it’s good to be prepared.

A patient undergoing chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy is an aggressive treatment that entails certain side effects. For this reason, we must get good information before undergoing chemotherapy.

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Search for information on the disease and its treatments

To prepare for chemotherapy properly for a treatment that’s so crucial when it comes to this disease, you need to have all the information available. This includes the natural course of the disease, how to prevent its progression, and the recommended treatments and measures.

Knowing about the disease will help to reduce anxiety levels and will also allow us to ask the right questions at the right times. However, it’s important to choose reliable sources of information that have scientific evidence.

Ask the right questions

The American Cancer Society recommends that people who are suffering from cancer and who are going to receive chemotherapy as a treatment ask their doctor pertinent questions so that they can get as much information as possible.

Many of these questions seek to gain a thorough knowledge of the drug you will take, the frequency of application, and all the recommendations regarding this condition. Some of these questions are:

  • What chemotherapy drugs will I receive?
  • How will I take the drugs?
  • How often do I need to receive chemotherapy?
  • What are the chances that the chemotherapy will work?
  • How long will my treatments last?
  • How will I know if chemotherapy is working?

For the other recommended questions, you can visit the American Cancer Society’s website.

A doctor talking to a patient.
It’s important to ask the doctor everything regarding the disease and treatment. This way, we prepare better for chemotherapy.

Preparing the body

The feeling of tiredness is natural after starting chemotherapy. To cope with this and other side effects of chemotherapy is recommended:

  • Good nutrition. We must follow the recommendations given by the treating physician regarding diet. In fact, if possible, it’s best to go to an oncology nutrition appointment.
  • Rest. Rest is an important part of the treatment and recovery period. Chemotherapy increases the biological stress on our body and, therefore, you’ll need to dedicate more time to rest.

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What to remember when preparing for chemotherapy

In conclusion, chemotherapy is a very common cancer treatment modality. Because of this, it’s important to know as much as we can about the details of our disease. Knowledge of the disease helps us to lower the anxiety levels that having cancer can produce.

It also helps us to ask the specialist the right questions at the right time. In turn, this helps us to raise our standard of living during the disease. It also allows us to know how to reduce the risks of the treatment and what measures to follow to alleviate the side effects.

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