What If We Stop Complaining?

Although it might be hard to hold in your negative opinions of the things happening around you, when you stop complaining, you’ll realize how much more positive you can be.

This might seem like a simple challenge, but it’s harder than it seems when you realize how much time you spend  complaining throughout the day. Too much!

After something goes wrong and you find yourself breaking your promise to not complain, an appropriate justification may come to mind: “Complaining isn’t so bad, it helps me vent!”

Yes, that’s true. Complaining can help you free yourself from frustration, anger, and many other feelings that you don’t want to have.

Sometimes, however, you will find yourself complaining about anything – even the small things. People have become pathological complainers.

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Complaining only makes you focus on the negative

It’s easy to complain, but it only causes you to focus on what’s negative around you. You don’t allow yourself to see the other side of the coin or to consider what would happen from another perspective.

This winds up making you feel unhappy, or make you think that bad things just happen to you without being able to avoid it. This is where you fall into the role of being a victim.

Complaining also keeps you from making decisions. It places you in a position where you don’t feel at ease but you also don’t do anything to escape from the situation.

This is when you adopt the role of the victim.

You’re not bound to it, however. No one is holding you back to force you to endure the situation in which you find yourself.

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Making a decision is always difficult, however, and can cause a good deal of laziness. After all, it’s easier to stay within your comfort zone and complain from there.

This attitude will not only allow you to focus on the negative, it will also cause your life to gradually become filled with negativity everywhere!

Complaints about the smallest things

When complaints take a leading role in your life, you start making use of them even in the most irrelevant situations.

A glass that falls and breaks could certainly elicit a complaint. It’s such a drama! But if you analyze it with a little perspective you’ll recognize that it’s not so bad.

This can also happen to you when you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like. This could be living with your in-laws or having to put up with a supervisor who doesn’t treat their employees as well as they should.

You might not do anything to get out of that situation because you’re afraid and can find justifications to stay that are actually the result of your insecurities. In the end, you wind up merely complaining about the most insignificant things.

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This becomes a way to manifest your extreme discomfort. The problem is that instead of being aware of this, you think it’s normal.

People tend to grow accustomed to things instead of analyzing them and recognizing them to make better decisions and improve their lives.

When you do this, you choose to be unhappy.

People also complain without speaking

Try to challenge yourself to go a whole day without complaining. But beware! You will also have to recognize some unexpected complaints, such as the ones that are unspoken.

Your mind can also complain, judge, or criticize. You just don’t give it the same level of importance because the words never leave your mouth.

The effect on your attitude and your life is the same, however. You must be very attentive and try to stop complaining in every way.

This could take you a few tries, but don’t give up. Once you manage to go 24 hours without complaining, you’ll realize that you can be more positive, that what’s happening to you isn’t so dramatic after all, and that there’s always a positive side to things.

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Don’t call it quits once you achieve one day without complaining, either. Try going two or three…and as long as you can! The way you think and see what’s happening around you is very important.

So much of the negativity that permeates your life today will be gone once you stop complaining.


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