Dry Skin Treatments Using Homemade Remedies

27 October, 2020
When you suffer from dry skin, your face can feels tense, flaky or even burn. However, there are several natural and affordable treatments that can stop this problem without using chemicals that can negatively affect your skin.

In this article you will learn about a large variety of treatments that can help you to keep your skin well-hydrated, prevent it from getting dry and give it a soft and healthy appearance.

Don’t hesitate to try them and include the ones you like the most in your daily skincare routine!

Natural treatments for dry skin

Olive oil and egg

The combination of olive oil and egg yolk is an excellent treatment for dry skin. Olive oil contains vitamins E and K, as well as lots of antioxidants. As for egg yolk, it contains vitamin A, which helps to make your skin soft.

First, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two yolks and a half tablespoon of lemon juice or rose water. Using a cotton ball, apply this mixture to your entire face and neck. Leave it on for twenty minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water. You will see the difference immediately upon removing the mask.


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Lemon juice and sugar treatment for dry skin

A lemon slice submerged in water

The mixture of these two products is great for removing dead skin cells. With a little bit of lemon juice and one or two tablespoons of sugar, you can exfoliate your skin by massaging gently in circles for ten or fifteen minutes. Then rinse it off with plenty of warm water.

As a result, your skin will become very soft because lemon is an excellent astringent and contains vitamin C. As a result, this helps to even out your skin tone and helps increase cellular growth, which is great for smooth skin.

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Almond oil treatment for dry skin

Almond oil is a moisturizer; it’s rich in vitamin E and a great lubricant for dry skin. Best of all, it is not greasy and your skin will absorb it very easily. This keeps your skin very well hydrated, preventing it from drying-out.

The correct way to use almond oil is to gently massage it on your face for at least ten minutes, leave it another ten, then rinse it off with warm water.

Castor oil to protect your skin

Castor oil creates a protective barrier for your skin against soap, hot water, and dry winter air that can really harm your skin.  Additionally, it’s a great natural astringent that helps remove skin impurities and it’s a great hydrating agent.

You should massage the driest areas of your skin for a short time. Finally, remove it gently in the same way with warm water.

Coconut oil to treat dry skin at night

With the help of coconut oil, you can easily get rid of the flakes that are produced when your skin is very dry, leaving it much more soft, smooth and with a very glowing appearance. Leave it on all night and rinse it in the morning. By using this product every night, you will see huge results in a very short time and get very soft skin.

Woman applying a dry skin treatment on her face with a brush

If you’re consistent in using any of these treatments, you will see that your skin soon looks much more softer. However, only you can decide which homemade remedy will be more effective. Remember, don’t try all of them at the same time because it will irritate your skin!

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