Natural Remedies that May Make Your Teeth Whiter

July 11, 2015
Remember that oral hygiene is very important. Fruits and vegetables with the peel, such as apples or carrots, can help clean bacterial plaque.

Did you know that some of the foods we eat can cause our teeth to lose their white color and start to turn yellow? Smoking is another thing that can cause this. However, there are odontological treatments to make your teeth whiter that immediately change their color. 

Moreover, there are home methods that can possibly eliminate this problem, too. Would you like to know more about treatments to whiten your teeth? If so, then keep on reading!

Which remedies may help make your teeth whiter?

There are several different kinds of spots that can develop on your teeth, from some of the reasons mentioned above and others, such as constantly drinking coffee, tea, dark colored soft drinks, and especially smoking. Some stains appear as the tooth just begins to form, which most definitely need to be removed through odontological means, since they’re impossible to get rid of with home treatments.

Orange peels

Orange peel to make your teeth whiter

The inner part of the orange peel is very useful for removing teeth stains. This white part of the peel contains Vitamin C, pectin, and limonene. This last component may help make your teeth whiter in a natural way.

How is it used?

This treatment is easy to use. You can do it by washing and peeling the orange, then by rubbing your teeth with the white part of the peel. After 30 minutes, you can brush teeth as usual.

NOTE: Don’t over use it. Apply just once or twice a week at the most.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera treatments to make your teeth whiter

Aloe vera is an effective and healthy treatment that may help make your teeth whiter. It simply requires the gel from the plant, which you can apply every day each time you brush your teeth.

Baking soda

Baking soda is very useful in teeth whitening. All you have to do is add a half spoon of baking soda to a little of water and then, brush your teeth. Then rinse it out. Keep in mind you can ONLY do this once a week, because baking soda can harm your tooth enamel if you overuse it. This is because it acts abrasively.

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Strawberries to whiten teeth

Did you know that strawberries can help eliminate plaqueYou just have to cut it in half and rub it on your teeth for several minutes. The strawberry works similarly to baking soda, but it does less damage to the enamel; in addition, strawberries have special fibers that help eliminate dangerous bacteria in our bodies, which makes them very useful for good oral hygiene.

Don’t forget!

Remember that you should use these remedies in moderation, without overdoing any of them, since your enamel can suffer irreversible harm. It’s important to apply these products carefully and not very often, so they can help whiten your teeth effectively and safely. Don’t overdo it, please!

Likewise, remember to eat plenty of celery, carrots, and apples to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong. These foods help produce saliva, which is very important to eliminate teeth stains. It’s also important to keep in mind the importance of flossing and using mouthwash.