Home Remedies to Improve the Appearance of Eyelashes

Wouldn't you love to know how to improve the appearance of your eyelashes? Find out some home remedies to help them be longer and stronger than ever!
Home Remedies to Improve the Appearance of Eyelashes

Last update: 04 April, 2019

Eyelashes are a vital part of your body because they not only help give your face a better appearance but their role is also to protect your eyes from different infections and dirt that can get in them.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to improve the appearance of eyelashes.

Eyelashes are made up of layers keratin, the protein that is responsible for giving them elasticity, resistance, and beauty. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of causes that can weaken your eyelashes like UV rays, leaving makeup on overnight, or bad cosmetic products.

Eyelashes that are in a perfect state are generally long and thick. They allow a clean and direct gaze. If yours aren’t like that, don’t worry, we will show you some homemade ingredients that will improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

how to improve the appearance of eyelashes

Above all, it is essential that you remove your makeup every night and that you don’t abuse mascara. 

Also, don’t use an eyelash curler frequently because this often makes them weak when applied strongly or applied after mascara, which often causes your eyelashes to break.

When your eyelashes grow slowly, we recommend blinking frequently because it is a way to exercise your eyelids. However, there are keratin and castor oil-based creams that condition, nourish, and hydrate the capillary layer, strengthening them.

Today, we will give you some elements that are recognized for their effectiveness when searching for perfect eyelashes.


oils in various bottles

Castor oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and olive oil all contain antioxidants, which fight against the free radicals that are responsible for aging and give it capillary protection. Using them on your eyelashes will make them stronger and thicker.

You can mix these four oils in a glass. Remove your makeup with this mixture and apply a drop on your eyelash line and let sit all night.



Peanuts, walnuts, raisins, etc., form a part of the group of foods that possess high levels of B complex, which help stimulate hair growth.

Combine castor oil and rum

castor oil


  • Pour three tablespoons of castor oil in a bottle along with a little bit of rum.
  • Then, apply this mixture to your eyelashes with a cotton ball.
  • Sleep with this mask on.
  • Lastly, remove it with warm water the next day.



Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, has protective effects and is a stimulant for hair growth. Try this remedy by using a clean mascara brush and applying the Vaseline on your eyelashes before going to bed.

Green tea

green tea

  • Prepare green tea as usual.
  • Next, wait for it to be lukewarm and apply it to your eyelashes and lids with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Leave the cotton ball on your eyelids for 10 minutes and then remove the cotton ball.
  • For a greater effect, do this every night and don’t wash your face until the next day.

Eyelash brush
eyelash brush

You can take a clean mascara wand and use it to apply a moisturizing cream to your eyelashes in order to stimulate growth.

Lemon peel

grated lemon peel

Lemon has many properties that are beneficial to your body and health. With this remedy, you can grate a little bit of lemon peel and mix it with olive oil or castor oil. This will help boost the properties of the oils previously mentioned.

Try this natural and cost-efficient way to improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

Don’t abuse mascara

mascara brushes


Although this product can make your eyelashes look thicker and longer, its constant use is counterproductive because it can make your eyelashes fall off or even break them.

Remember, remove makeup properly so there are no mascara remnants.

Massage your eyelids


An eyelid massage is done with the intention of increasing blood flow and helping stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It is not necessary to use a product in particular. 

Before going to sleep every night, wash your hands well and with your fingertips, gently massage your eyelids as well as your eyelashes.

Eat well

carrot juice

You will need to eat enough fruit and vegetables to give yourself protein and vitamins with the purpose of stimulating and strengthening hair growth and to also improve the appearance of eyelashes. Some of the essential foods for this are carrots, peanuts, and wheat.

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