Healing Properties of Garlic

· April 23, 2015

Maybe you’ve met people who eat garlic while fasting, and at very early hours in the morning. The truth is that many are still surprised by this practice, and this may be due to the unpleasant taste of this product. You probably don’t know that the people who are used to consuming it know well the healing properties that garlic could contribute beneficially to the proper functioning of your body.

Garlic contains really wonderful properties, which help regulate the functioning of your body at different levels, and is certainly one of the most healing foods that may exist. Find out about the healing properties of garlic below!

History of Garlic

In ancient times, garlic was used primarily for its antibiotic properties, and both Roman and Greek soldiers used to eat a moderate amount of garlic with the aim of preventing all kinds of anomalies, and ate it before and after all battles. While for the Egyptians, garlic fulfilled aother purpose, for example, they consumed it for aphrodisiac purposes. On the other hand, in the Himalayas, it’s still used in various dishes, and do so to strengthen the immune system and at the same time, oxygenate the body.

Garlic Cream


History has certainly changed a bit, and in many parts of the world garlic is used for culinary purposes, without this meaning that it is wrong, but if you start to know all of garlic’s properties, this will surely begin to change. Many people prefer not to include it in their menu because of the strong odor that characterizes it, but it’s important to include it so you can get many of the benefits, which will be reflected directly in your health.

We’re going to share some properties that garlic contains, so if it’s your preference, you can begin to include in your diet, at least one garlic clove per day.

Improves the Cardiovascular System


This wonderful food helps to improve the cardiovascular system, and at the same time, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. This occurs by controlling the production of cholesterol by the liver, and as if that wasn’t enough, increases the production level of good cholesterol (HDL). In regards to the cardiovascular system, garlic helps dilate the blood vessels, making it easier for blood circulation, and also prevents problems such as arteriosclerosis.

Eliminates parasites

Garlic is also used to fight many microorganisms that can hardly be eliminated with common medications. This is because it has antiparasitic properties and fights a few of them, such as Tapeworm, making your body much cleaner and creating an unpleasant atmosphere for all of these parasites.

Cares for the skin

How to eliminate blemishes from the skin

Did you know that garlic is one of the best sources of vitamin C, A, B1 and B2? So, if you consume it constantly, it makes you have more beautiful and healthy skin, and it will also keep you younger and much stronger, and at the same time it will help improve your eyesight and prevent respiratory diseases. Certainly, things that all of us want to achieve.

Similarly, garlic helps fight the flu and inflammatory problems, but beware! You must not over consume this food because it can be counterproductive. So, it’s recommended for you to consume it in moderate quantities; one or two garlic cloves per day will be great for you.


Now that you know some of the most beneficial properties that garlic will contribute to your health, we invite you to start consuming this food, whether you include in your meals, so that it’s much easier to ingest, or if you prefer to consume it on an empty stomach, and allow yourself to get the greatest benefits from this plant. Remember the importance of getting the most from all of the healing properties of garlic!