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Have a Sore Throat? Fight it with These Tips

Have a Sore Throat? Fight it with These Tips

Last update: 02 November, 2018

A sore throat is an uncomfortable symptom that usually appears when you get an infection in the upper respiratory system or tonsils. This nuisance can affect anyone by causing irritation, heartburn, and trouble swallowing food, among other things.

Most of the time it’s not a serious problem and will heal by itself within a few days. Sometimes, there can be complications that require attention from a medical professional.

Today there are lots of natural and pharmaceutical treatments that will help minimize the pain and frustration of a sore throat. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep some tips in mind that will help speed up your recovery.

In this article you can look at a list of the most important tips for treating a sore throat.

Drink plenty of water

To deal with the irritation caused by a sore throat, you need to increase your water consumption. This fluid lubricates the throat and helps speed your recovery.

  • It’s better to drink warm water because cold water can actually make the condition worse.
  • Drink between six to eight glasses a day in small sips to soothe your sore throat.

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Gargle salt water

The simple combination of salt and water can be enough to disinfect the mouth and throat. This solution will stop the growth of bacteria and help reduce inflammation.

  • Dissolve a little salt in some warm water and gargle it for two minutes, three times a day.

Drink chicken broth

Chicken broth
Chicken broth is one of those classic remedies for diseases that affect your respiratory health. The nutrients strengthen your immune system and boost your defenses against microorganisms.

  • Chicken broth is ideal for controlling chronic cough and congestion. Therefore, it’s also a good treatment for a sore throat.
  • Drink one cup of chicken broth a day whenever you have a cold or an infection.

Avoid smoking cigarettes

The toxins contained in cigarettes dry out the throat and irritate its tissue. If you smoke while you have a respiratory infection, it’s common to experience more severe symptoms.

  • It’s important not to use tobacco products – don’t smoke or be exposed to second-hand smoke.

Give your voice plenty of rest

A woman resting
If your sore throat is due to an infection or from simply being overused, you need to rest it for as long as needed. Straining your voice will only make it take longer to heal.

  • It’s best to let your throat rest.
  • Avoid loud singing, shouting, or exercise of the vocal cords.

Control the humidity in your home

There are some simple ways you can do to control the humidity around you to keep your throat from drying out. While it’s easy to overlook, a dry environment could be the cause of your pain.

  • Putting a humidifier in the room and not use an air conditioning can help maintain a comfortable climate.

Drink tea

A woman drinking tea
There are many types of teas that help ease infections and pain. Their anti-inflammatory properties relax your throat and speed your recovery time.

  • Herbal teas like chamomile, mint, and ginger are excellent choices.

Consume apple cider vinegar

The organic acids in apple cider vinegar help regulate the pH of your throat to prevent heartburn and the growth of bacteria. Its nutrients strengthen your immune system and improve your body’s response to pathogens that can harm your respiratory health.

  • It’s best to dilute apple cider vinegar in some water to make it easier to drink.

Eat raw garlic

You don’t even need to have a sore throat to take advantage of the properties of garlic. This ingredient is a natural antibiotic that helps protect your body against several types of infections. When raw garlic is consumed on a regular basis, it is great for preventing diseases that cause irritation in the throat.

  • It’s best to consume one clove of raw garlic on an empty stomach.

Eat honey

Thanks to its moisturizing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, organic honey is one of the best solutions for any problems that affect the throat.

It’s worthwhile using honey to treat infections or pain related to excessive dryness.

  • It’s best to consume three to four tablespoons of honey a day to ease your discomfort.

Follow these simple recommendations and get rid of that annoying sore throat. Talk to your doctor if you don’t notice an improvement after several days.

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