Harming Ourselves without Realizing It

· October 30, 2016
Even though it may seem selfish, once in awhile we should think about ourselves and stop harming ourselves by being stuck in the past or going overboard in demanding too much of ourselves.

Even though it may seem selfish, once in awhile we should think about ourselves and stop harming ourselves by being stuck in the past or going overboard in demanding too much of ourselves.

Harming Ourselves without Realizing It

Loving ourselves is something primordial, but how many times have we believed ourselves to be selfish and conceited by doing just that.

It seems that taking care of oneself is embarrassing, and because of that we hurt ourselves without being truly aware of this fact

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Perhaps you believe that taking care of yourself will project a perfect image of who you are, always trying to please others… On the contrary, you are hurting yourself, not respecting yourself, and not taking care of yourself.

There are many forms of doing yourself harm, but some are so subtle that we hardly notice them. Here we are going to discover some of the ways we might be harming ourselves without even realizing it.

Realize that harming yourself is going to eat away at you bit by bit and cause more sadness.


You hurt yourself when you say, “yes” instead of “no”

Pleasing others is one of the main principles that we are taught. For some reason we have taught ourselves to be friendly with everyone else.

We end up feeling bad if we say no to a request or if we refuse to do something.   We live in a society where we are not accustomed to accept “no” as an answer. Nevertheless, this has to end. You are hurting yourself when you put the needs of others before your own.

You come first and you ought to value yourself. If you do not, no one else will.

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In addition, it would be good practice to begin to say “no” if you truly want to say “no.” For fear of how others may react, how many times do you fail to speak up? This could be the start of a new way of living with sincerity for you and others.

You hurt yourself when you insist on being perfect.

Tying into what we previously mentioned, we believe that being perfect in the eyes of others is what we must do. This only causes fear of failure and mistakes that occur with feelings of quilt.


In order to stop requiring yourself to be perfect, you need to ignore the opinions of others. If you pay attention to others, the result will be that you will no longer be yourself and you will end up being the person that other people want you to be.

You hurt yourself if you don’t allow indulgences.

It’s fine to save certain pleasures for special situations, but if you continually postpone something that you would like to do, you will never end up enjoying it. 

Vacations, a nap, a gift, that jacket that you want so much……..

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Remember that we only have one life and if you don’t live it now, then when?  Time flies and maybe tomorrow you will not be able to do what you really would like to do.  Stop postponing what you would like to do.  Go for it now!


It’s easy to say it and also easy to do it.  You alone are limiting yourself. Because of that, only you alone can eliminate the barriers. If you want to indulge, go right ahead. Enjoy your life. Don’t hold back.

You hurt yourself if you don’t live in the present

Throughout our lives we’ll make many mistakes that we’ll regret.

Success is in knowing how to accept our imperfect condition and learning from it.  We have done ourselves harm that we ourselves have caused.

Nevertheless, living in the past limits us more than it should. It is difficult to free ourselves from that past that only consumes us, that makes us bitter and sad. It doesn’t allow us to overcome a situation that will be repeated.

Because the past is behind us, now is the time to live in the present. Just like with your whims, you live in the here and now. That is the only thing that is important, the time that you should seize the moment with true gusto.


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Have you ever harmed yourself in any of these ways?  If you can identify with this, it is time to learn from it and not continue to get into these situations that do nothing but cause you to sink into a whirlpool of emotions and negative vibes.

It is time to change, to move ahead and stop harming ourselves without realizing it.