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Happiness is Found in Reality, not Dreams

To reach happiness, it is more than likely that we will have to go through difficult times, but this is the only way to truly value what we achieve. True happiness is found in reality, not in dreams.
Happiness is Found in Reality, not Dreams

Last update: 13 February, 2019

Dreams are important. They inspire hope in us and give us a taste of happiness. However, if we want this happiness to last, we must turn our gaze to reality. That’s where happiness is truly found.

Many of our dreams remain just that. Mere ideas that never come to life. Perhaps, this is because we haven’t given them enough thought. Perhaps we’ve let ourselves be led on by the trust that intoxicated us in that moment.

However, this idea has the potential to become something much more serious that can lift thousands of barriers.

It is reality that counts

Two people with blindfolds reaching for eachother

It seems contradictory, right? Dreams that remain mere thoughts and reality that slaps us in the face and knock us over backwards are two very different things. The key is finding balance.

To start with, it’s essential to bear in mind a few key things that will keep your feet on the ground:

  • Are you able to achieve what you are proposing? Without realizing, we often want to reach places that we can’t get to. It’s not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t have the means to do so. Whether due to money, work or family issues, there are many thing that can prevent your dreams from coming to fruition.
  • Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s no good wanting to be a doctor if the mere sight of blood makes you faint. You have to be realistic. Be aware of your abilities, what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, and begin from there.
  • The path opens up as you walk along it. If you’re attached to your comfort zone, how can you expect to achieve what you want? You have to get started and make sure that all your actions are directed towards achieving what you want. If you stay still, you won’t get anywhere.
Woman inside a cage

It’s necessary for us to bear in mind these three points as they will be fundamental to success in achieving what we want.

If the first two are clear, you still need to work on the most important one. Don’t just stay still.

When happiness is found, not everything is positive

Woman holding a crow on her finger

Happiness is not all pretty lights and colors. There will also be shadows and dark parts. We confuse this term with “being happy,” which is impossible, given that our emotions vary constantly.

Happiness is simply being in harmony, even if the current isn’t always flowing in our favor and small whirlwinds happen around us.

You get destabilized when you begin to think about impossible things and believe that everything comes easily and simply. However, you are wrong.

You achieve what you want through effort and sacrifice. Hours dedicated to yourself, to training yourself, to making yourself better at what you do. It’s about improving yourself every day and learning from your mistakes.

You’re wrong when you think that each mistake takes you backwards and is a reason to throw it all in. Rather, each mistake is an opportunity to redirect your path onto the right track.

Happiness is not always cheerful. After all, both positive and negative emotions are always present in us. Both parts have a purpose, and they can’t stop you from achieving happiness.

Open your eyes to reality, where happiness is really found

Woman with a blindfold as an illustration of people who do not realize that happiness is found in reality

We’ve been blind for a long time. We believed that failure meant defeat, when really we only had to open our eyes and realize what we had been doing wrong up until now.

Did you really stop walking each time you fell over when you were little? Did you stop trying because of the scrapes and cuts on your knees?

As a child, you were much more persistent than now. That’s because now you’re full of fears and doubts, insecurities and assumptions that aren’t real.

Start taking small steps towards what you want to achieve. Have patience, because even if it feels like time is going very quickly for you, it actually goes much more slowly than you think.

Bit by bit, without giving up, and with enthusiasm, will and perseverance, you will realize that happiness is found in reality, not in impossible hopes.

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