The Hands of Time Don’t Always Heal Wounds

Neither time nor the brain’s own processes can heal wounds 100 percent of the time. The important thing is to accept what has happened and move forward.

The hands of time can at times cure and heal wounds, helping you put your pain aside and see things in a more relative way. But remember that none of your traumatic experiences will disappear forever—you simple recall them with less pain than before.

You might be used to hearing the phrase “time heals all wounds,” and that’s therapeutic in helping you learn from the negative things you have been through.

But it’s important to clear up a few things. Your mind never forgets, and not all of your painful experiences will wind up being lessons to learn from. Time doesn’t always heal wounds.

In fact, rather than teaching you things, loss or other painful experiences may just force you to accept certain facts—and without any anesthesia.

You have no choice but to accept that “nothing is forever.” What you assume as truth today may tomorrow be an option that’s difficult and uncertain.

We invite you to consider these issues.

The wounds life has left you

Losing a loved one, having an emotional breakdown, terminating a friendship, being betrayed, failing in something you wanted to succeed at…all of these are facts of life you may have to face.

You often read or hear phrases like this one: “in order to understand life, you must suffer.” That’s not necessarily true. Such vital learning processes take place in a variety of ways, and happy moments can also be excellent teachers that invite you to move forward.

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Traumatic events and wounds sometimes even often “trap” you. You avoid moving forward because you’re in so much pain. What can you do in those cases? What strategies should you follow when your suffering begins to overwhelm you?

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Learn to live with the emptiness

There’s no magic formula to get you through those intersections that you wind up in at some point in your life. There are no pills to heal wounds or erase pain, and no time machine will allow you to avoid around certain facts.

  • Wounds, whether you like it or not, will always be there. Time isn’t the perfect architect that is able to make them disappear, but it will help you heal and not hurt as much as you did on day one. You’ll become able to coexist with your pain.
  • Many people have learned to live with emptiness: the absence of a loved one, the scar of a bad decision, a lost love.
  • What’s essential in these cases is that you prevent your suffering from taking you captive. You can’t feed your inability to fight. Don’t say things like, “After this, life is no longer worth living,” or “I’ll never be happy again.”

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The key is to work on acceptance.  What happened truly happened, reality is what it is, and your only option is to accept it and yourself in your new situation.


Life pushes you along from time to time on waves that can be cold and senseless. How could it take away the person you loved the most? Why would that happen to you if you’re a good person, always striving for the best for everyone?

Sometimes when you become obsessed with finding meaning in that which has none, rather than heal wounds, you further nourish them. You can’t do that.

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When you go through something painful, it’s easy to forget one particular aspect: caring for yourself, and loving yourself.

When confronted with the painful blows of life there’s nothing more healing that reconnecting with yourself, looking at the facts, and remembering that you deserve to be happy again.

  • If you’ve lost someone, remember to keep smiling for that person who will always live in your heart and memory.
  • If someone has hurt you, don’t feed your pain because you’re just reinforcing the damage they did. Accept the facts, then break free and go. Shake off your shadows and rise again from your wounds.

A wounded soul cannot ever heal completely. Your wounds will remain forever, but your heart will continue to beat.

Allow yourself to be happy again. Embrace the life that you deserve.

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