Make a Handmade Cutlery Holder with Dishcloths

August 15, 2019
With few materials that you probably already have at home, you'll be able to make this original handmade cutlery holder with dishcloths...even if arts and crafts aren't your forté!

This time, we decided to share a simple and original idea that will help you organize your kitchen. Indeed, it’ll give it a very beautiful and unique rustic touch. We’re talking about a handmade cutlery holder with dishcloths. Using a few materials and following some easy steps, you’ll be able to organize your cutlery. Try it out today!

Handmade cutlery holder with dishcloths

To make this cutlery holder, you only need a few easy to find materials. In fact, you surely already have most of them at home. In any case, even if crafts aren’t your thing, this cutlery holder will probably be easy for you to make.

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  • Wooden chopping board
  • A large stapler
  • Scissors
  • Dishcloths
  • Glue
  • Cloth strips that match the dishcloths

A handmade cutlery holder.


  • First, open one of the dishcloths and place the chopping board on top of it. Then, cut the dishcloths according to the size of the chopping board. However, you shouldn’t only cut the outline of the chopping board, but instead leave some extra fabric (about an inch) on the right, left, and bottom to make the hem. At the top, cut below the handle hole of the cutting board.
  • Then, make a hem with the protruding fabric and place the dishcloth on the chopping board so that it covers it. What you should do then is make a sort of pocket by stapling the three ends of the cloth. To do this, staple these parts on the chopping board, except for the top, of course.
  • You’ll have to place more or fewer staples, depending on how heavy your cutlery is. At the end of the day, they’re the ones that are going to support the dishcloth once you put your cutlery inside the pocket. Thus, you should make sure it can withstand the weight.
  • Then, once the cloth is securely stapled to the chopping board and you made a pocket, proceed to decorate it. The goal is to make sure the staples aren’t visible. To do this, take one of the fabric strips you have chosen and glue them along the hems of the left, right, and bottom edges.
  • Finally, wait until the glue has dried well to place your cutlery inside.

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Additional Notes on Making this Cutlery Holder

Cutlery and a dishcloth.

Of course, the ideal thing is for you to buy a nice wall hanger and hang your handmade cutlery holders on it so that your cutlery is always on hand in a visible place. Moreover, we suggest the following recommendations to make your cutlery holder even more beautiful:

  • Don’t place your cutlery holder near a place were grease or dirt may get on them. If you don’t, your cutlery and the dishcloth will get dirty.
  • Make a cutlery holder for each type of cutlery you have. Ideally, you should make one for spoons, one for forks, one for dessert cutlery, etc. However, this depends on you, as you may prefer to place other utensils in your cutlery holder.
  • Always choose dishcloths that match the other colors in your kitchen.
  • Also, the ideal thing is to find a chopping board whose wood is of a color that goes well with the rest of your furniture and utensils.
    If you have a set of dishcloths with the same pattern but of a different color, making several cutlery holders with those different colors will make your kitchen pop.

In short, this simple, original and inexpensive idea can help you have a more organized, tidy, and original kitchen.