Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

· April 3, 2015

Kidneys are vital organs in our body. They are an amazing and sophisticated purification mechanism. So you should take care of them and keep them healthy, which is why it is important to know what could harm them. Learn about the habits that damage your kidneys in this article!

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

water1You surely know it. But, ask yourself a question. How many glasses of water do you usually drink a day? You have to keep in mind that not hydrating your kidneys properly could cause a kidney problem in the long run. Their main function is to drain metabolic waste from your body, thus balancing the number of red blood cells in your body. If you don’t do it, if you don’t drink enough water, kidney flows will lower and toxins will accumulate in your blood.

You can avoid it by simply drinking one and a half to two liters of water. If this is difficult for you and you see that you are unable to drink the recommended amount, add a splash of lemon to the water. It will taste better.

2. Holding in Urine


We have all done it once: holding back your urge to go to the bathroom simply because you are busy. But how long have you held back the urge when your body tells you you have to go? An hour, two? You should know that when your bladder is full of urine for a prolonged amount of time, you can experience complications in your urinary tracts like hypertrophies, Hydronephrosis (an increase in the pressure of urine in the kidneys) or other diseases that you could have easily avoided. You should keep it in mind.

3. Poor Dietary Habits

Carbonated drinks

3.1 Consuming Too Much Sodium

The main source of sodium, as you already know, comes from salt. But why is it so harmful? It mainly makes your kidneys have to work harder. They have to excrete it, which causes them stress in the long run until it causes various problems. So you should reduce – or even eliminate – salt from your meals.

3.2 Too Much Animal Protein

Animal protein is very harmful to your kidneys, as well as any other food that is high in fat. This makes their function more difficult little by little, preventing it from filtering the blood it produces properly. Try to limit or substitute animal proteins as much as possible for vegetable proteins.

3.3 Carbonated Beverages

Soft drinks are very harmful to the health of your kidneys and unfortunately are highly consumed by most people, especially young people. Thus, we recommend that you limit them in or diet or simply avoid them. In the long run, they will produce chronic kidney deficiency or stones.

3.4 Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco are an excess of toxins for your body. They are dangerous substances that make your kidneys sick and block them from doing their job. Avoid them as much as you can and avoid them especially if you suffer from hypertension or diabetes.

3.5 Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Everyone knows it, sometimes you don’t know the origin of everything you eat: transgenic corn, fruit or vegetables created in a lab, adulterated meat that have been created by genetically altered food so that animals grow faster… These are terrible factors that you are sometimes unaware of and are very harmful to your kidneys. Always try to buy organic food, and natural and healthy food, that you know its origin, and won’t harm you.

4. High Blood Pressure


Hypertension causes very obvious damage in the functionality of kidneys. Blood flows through them in a certain way, the filtration of toxins does not happen in the same way and, little by little, they atrophy little by little until at least it can become a pretty serious kidney problem. It is not hard to regularly check your blood pressure to keep it controlled. Your doctor should be up to date on these type of tests.

5. Using Medications

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You should control your consumption of medication as much as possible, since these are the elements that seriously damage your kidneys. They make its functioning difficult and cause negative effects in the long run. This is a complicated subject because it is obvious that when we take medication it is not for pleasure, but out of necessity, but there are always the kinds that are less aggressive towards your kidneys, which is why your doctor should control it.

6. A Sedentary Lifestyle


How many hours a day are you sitting down? You should keep this in mind. A sedentary lifestyle affects not only your kidney health but also many other basic functions that, without you knowing it, could cause you to get sick. But the lack of physical activity causes a lot of kidney problems that you could easily avoid by moving a little bit more. Take a walk or go for a bike ride, for example. Think about it. If you play a sport with a friend or relative it will definitely be much easier for you. Your kidneys will appreciate it and remember: don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you.

*Try to improve your lifestyle and nutrition habits as much as possible. Small changes in your diet can do a lot for your kidney’s health: drink water, avoid salt and meals high in fats and sugars… And above all, see your doctor to do routine checkups.