Habits that Can Lead to Illnesses

Unhealthy habits such as leading a sedentary lifestyle and doing little or no physical exercise can have serious effects on your overall health. If you catch yourself eating that unintended meal in front of the television and packing on pounds, it's time to make a change.

Life can throw any number of things at you and it’s easy to forget that a healthy lifestyle means not making compromises when it comes to good choices in food and exercise. But oftentimes those realizations come only after our body is dealing with the consequences of our bad choices.

So it’s important to note those habits that can lead to illnesses by stealing precious energy and good health away from us. Both daily tasks and the preventative methods we use can act as a booster for our immune systems, deterring illness and disease.

If you can learn to identify the risks in your life in your daily routine, it then becomes a simple matter of prevention and proactive fight against sickness. You’ll save yourself from endless headaches if you can cut an illness off before it starts. Many illnesses result from poor or inconsistent hygiene and health practices. Some of those are really rather simple, but we can often forget just how important a role they play in keeping us and our family and friends healthy.

Ditch the spongekitchen

It may sound like a tad bit strange and unrealistic, but the kitchen is the one room in your home proven to have the most microbes. Scrub all you want but germs in your kitchen can stick around for a while, putting your health at risk. And the worst thing you can do is scrub some more with that sponge you keep in your sink, as millions of bacteria and microbes can germinate and travel to other parts of the room. If you have to use sponges, keep them away from each other and always placed in a single spot. Don’t use the same sponge on your dinner table as you would your dirty dishes. We recommend paper towels that are one-time-use, so bacteria will land in your trash can and not your dinner plate.

Wash those pillows and mattresses

One of the most common contributors to the spread of germs, especially to those who suffer from allergies, is the prolonged use of pillows and mattresses. Pillows and mattresses can hold untold amounts of fungal spores, pollen, dead cells, dandruff and particles that can become hazardous to your health. We recommend a regular change in both as your budget allows, to not only get a good night’s sleep but also to stay healthy as you rest.

If you’re shaking your head at this recommendation, consider instead changing your bed sheets at least every three days, washing them with hot water. Choose sheets and pillow cases that are allergy friendly.

Air filterssneeze

Air filters are common choices for those looking for healthier air in their homes and other environments, but the reality is that not all air filter products work as advertised and can leave behind dust and pollen. That means you may be breathing in unhealthy air or even germs left behind by others. If you’re going to use an air filter, try one with numerous high-quality recommendations and limit your use of it.

Eliminate fried foods

What does a little fried chicken have to do with your health? When you fry foods, you produce lots of smoke, which can damage your health and respiratory system. Some researchers suggest that smoke inhalation on a regular basis, like smoking cigarettes, can lead to cancer. If you’re going to cook, try methods that produce little smoke. It’s healthier for your digestion and your lungs.

Turn off the television


If you’ve become a television-watching couch potato, it’s time for a lifestyle change. When you dedicate large amounts of time sitting in front of a television with no exercise, you risk suffering from obesity. Oftentimes people not only spend long periods of time sitting down, but also take up the habit of eating in front of the television, leading to an ever-expanding waistline for the average television watcher.

You try your best to be healthy and live an active live, but often overlook the small habits that undermine those efforts. By making small changes for yourself, your family and friends, you’ll find you are getting back on track to leading a nourished, positive and healthy life.

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