Discover the Amazing Characteristics of Guava

21 December, 2018
In addition to having very few calories, guava can become our best ally when it comes to dieting and avoiding fluid retention thanks to its sweet taste

This delicious Caribbean fruit has too many properties to be highlighted in a single article. It could be said that it’s one of the most healing in the world. Do you want to know what guava can do?

Don’t miss this article about the characteristics of guava!

The amazing characteristics of guava

Characteristics of guava

Guava is the fruit from the guava tree that comes from Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Its color tone ranges from cream to pink, and the skin is thin (You can eat it!). Its flesh is the same color as its skin, and its aroma is sweet and intense.

Among the nutrients that guava provides, we’d like to emphasize:

  • Vitamin C (much more than an orange if consumed raw in juices, smoothies, etc)
  • Vitamins A and B3
  • Fibers, glucose and fructose
  • Niacin, potassium and flavonoids

Guava stands out for its astringent and laxative properties. In both cases, you should eat it raw.

Other recipes in which we can take advantage of the benefits of the fruit are:

  • Sweets
  • Tisanes
  • Smoothies
  • Shakes
  • Juices

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What can we use guava for?

Are you ready? There are so many!

1. It’s good for those who diet.

If you’re looking to drop some pounds or want to avoid fluid retention and to eat healthier, guava is perfect for you. It has very few calories, fats or proteins.

In addition, it’s recommended for people with a loss of appetite. Guava leaves consumed in the form of a tea convert complex carbohydrates into sugars and reduce the feeling of hunger.

2. It’s great for diabetes and cholesterol

These are two of the most common conditions at this time. In the case of diabetics, guava tea reduces blood glucose levels without increasing insulin production.

For those who have high LDL cholesterol, guava tea is a great option. It doesn’t have negative effects on the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

3. It helps combat digestive problems.

Guava cut into two pieces

For hundreds of years, this fruit has been used to reduce the symptoms of several gastrointestinal problems. At present, several investigations have been carried out that have shown that guava serves to:

  • Eliminate diarrhea.
  • Reduce intestinal cramps.
  • Debloat the intestines.
  • Deal with an upset stomach.
  • Eliminate food poisoning.
  • Reduce gastrointestinal inflammatory processes (for example, acute colitis).
  • Fight bacteria harmful to the intestines.
  • Treat constipation.
  • Fight parasites or intestinal worms.
  • Relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

4. It helps to treat oral problems.

If you have wounds in your mouth or inflamed gums, you can consume an tea made of guava leaves. It also serves to heal canker sores and wounds. In turn, it helps with toothaches, bleeding gums and oral ulcers.

In these cases, you should chew some of the plant’s leaves.


  • 3 ripe guavas
  • 1 liter (1 quart) of water


  • Chop the fruit and remove the seeds.
  • Heat water in a saucepan with the fruit until it reaches a boil.
  • Allow to cool and filter.
  • Drink throughout the day.

5. It’s an ideal tonic for skin problems.

An ideal tonic for skin problems

In addition to helping to heal wounds, cuts and burns, guava prevents the area from becoming infected. Crushed leaves are also used for insect bites or allergic reactions.

If you have pimples or acne, they can help you too. It is used as a perfect facial scrub.


  • 1 handful of guava leaves
  • A bit of water


  • Chop the guava leaves and put them in the blender.
  • Add the water and mix well.
  • Apply on previously washed skin with circular movements.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

To make matters worse, guava also helps reduce the signs of premature aging of the skin. If you have problems in the scalp (dandruff, hair loss, dermatitis), you can rinse with it when you finish washing your hair.


  • 1 handful of guava leaves
  • ½ liter of water


  • Heat the water with the leaves.
  • When it reaches a boil, allow it to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool a few minutes.
  • Filter and pour in a jar.
  • Pour on your scalp and massage with your fingertips.

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6. It’s recommended for circulatory problems and anemia.

It is recommended for circulatory problems and anemia

Guava has the ability to strengthen the capillaries and keep them healthy. Plus, it also gives them elasticity and prevents them from aging prematurely. It’s also good for fighting varicose veins and improving blood circulation in the extremities.

In turn, it increases the amount of white blood cells when the person has anemia, suffers an immunosuppressive disease or lacks certain nutrients.

In both cases, you should consume fruit juice.


  • 3 ripe guavas
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g)
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds or oat flakes (10 g)
  • A cup of soy milk or almonds (250 ml)


  • Remove the seeds, chop the fruit and put it in the blender.
  • Add the milk and blend well.
  • Serve in a glass with honey and chia seeds or oatmeal.
  • Drink on an empty stomach every morning.

More applications

If all the uses you have read about guava are not enough … There are still more!

It serves to treat:

  • Cholera
  • Scarlet fever
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Cumulative bile
  • Colds
  • Bronchial problems
  • Jaundice
  • Sore throat
  • High blood pressure

What are you waiting for? Eat more guava!