Great Ways to Save Space at Home

November 30, 2017
In addition to saving space, try using some decorating tricks to make your rooms appear larger and give you a greater sense of peace

A lack of space is a concern that can torment modern families. There are many ways to save space at home, however.

Fortunately for you, you no longer have to have your possessions lying in disordered piles all around the house. Today, we’ll explain how some innovative furniture design or organizational tricks can make a positive difference in your life.

Start saving space in your home

There are many reasons why you might want more space in your home. Work, children, a move…the possibilities are endless.

Nowadays, more and more people work from home. If this is you, you’ll want to have a workspace that won’t interfere with your living space.

Remember that in order to improve your mental health you should separate your work environment from your home.

On the other hand, couples with young children suddenly find that their houses are full of toys.

They’re on the floor, in the bedroom, even in the bathroom! Finding a place to store all of them is important for finding balance and restoring the general order of your home.

On the other side of the spectrum, small apartments for singles are increasingly popular. You probably wonder how you’ll fit all your belongings into such a tiny space.

Saving space has to be a priority because living in a clean, roomy environment is good for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Get ready to change your home with the fantastic ideas we’re going to share with you today.

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Create a larger environment

Save space at home
The first tip we’re going to share has to do with the architectural organization of your home.

If possible, choose or modify your home according to the following concepts:

Look for an open design

  • Choose rooms with fewer divisions between spaces, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  • This will give your home a fresh, more spacious feel.

Take advantage of your outdoor space

Take advantage of your outdoor space

  • If possible, decorate the space directly outside your home to include it in your environment.
  • This will help you relax and enjoy a natural setting.

Use sliding doors

Try replacing traditional doors with sliding or folding doors. This will increase the feeling of an open design.

Add a second half floor

  • Also known as a “loft” in design speak, a half floor is ideal if your home has high ceilings.
  • This way, you can have two living spaces in the same room.

Install glass walls

Use glass walls
In line with the open concept, use opaque glass walls in your home that let in natural light.

Decorate and take advantage of the available space

The following tips will help you choose better furniture for your home that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

  • Use your stairs for storage. Your stairs are the ideal place to store things in your home. The steps are a perfect spot to install drawers. It’s also possible to install cabinets right below them.
  • Use folding furniture. You’ve probably seen this before, and it’s incredibly useful. Tables or beds that can be folded directly into the wall will save a lot of space.
  • Add mirrors for decoration. Mirrors will provide an illusion of increasing the total space in your home, making it look much larger than it is.
  • Close off the storage spaces at the bottom. When you open storage spaces in the upper part of your shelves while closing the lower ones, you’ll attract the view upwards. This will make the room look much larger.
  • Incorporate light into your decoration. Don’t forget that natural light can make your home look much more beautiful. Take advantage of sunlight and reduce the number of light fixtures in your home.
  • Choose lower furniture. To create the optical illusion of larger space, choose low furniture over taller pieces.
  • Think about the colors. When decorating your home, keep in mind that color can affect the way you perceive your space.
    • Use light colors like white and gray to provide a sense of cleanliness and clarity. This is especially useful in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Reorganize your home!

Now that you have some ideas to save space at home, it’s time to get to work.

Remember that an orderly and clean space translates into an orderly and clean mind. This can help you work better, relax more, and live life more fully.

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