Bad vs. Good People: Those Who Bring Happiness

Both giving and receiving are important. We need to distance ourselves from people that bring us discomfort, and reciprocate feelings when someone helps us grow as an individual.
Bad vs. Good People: Those Who Bring Happiness

Last update: 16 January, 2019

We’re going to start by saying that there are no fully bad or good people. There is nothing that scientifically measures goodness or badness. But one thing is true: every one of us knows what positive and negative energy that certain people and relationships bring us.

Sometimes people act out of their own interests. And when they start placing themselves as the priority over others, becoming offensive and deceptive, you could say that that individual has a negative impact on others.

These are the people that will lecture you. However, we all know someone that provides positive relationships with a humble heart and sincere voice, that never cause you harm. They understand reciprocity and respect. They bring happiness.

People that give lectures and leave scars

You may have thought of specific someone that played a part in your past when you read this title. But you also should take a moment of reflection to ask yourself if you’ve caused harm to someone else.

  • You’re not obligated to get along with everyone. And sometimes you could disappoint those who surround you.
  • If you ever find yourself forced to make a decision that you know, in some way or another, will have consequences for another person, you must justify why you are doing it. One example would be leaving a relationship because you’re unhappy, because you have stopped loving the other person.
  • Some decisions must be made, even when you know they are going to cause harm. This is the case when maintaining a certain situation would only cause more suffering than gain.

The importance of self-awareness

So clearly that means that all of us, at some time or another, are capable of behaving in a way that others would see negatively. Every situation has shades, grades, and different levels.

Girl looking at octupus represents bad people

  • Some people just never stop acting like this at any given time in their lives. They always try to satisfy their own needs, understanding that they’re hurting others.
  • These types of people spend their entire lives like this, and at times, they leave scars on others. So you simply need to let them go from your daily life, and most especially from your mind.

If not, you will always be held prisoner to their actions.

There are also those who simply don’t know how to have positive relationships. They lack personal and emotional maturity. They lack respect and empathy, and often times they’re unaware of their words or actions.

Look at these moments not as drama or failures that change your life. Understand them as lessons to help you walk more confidently, with more composure.

Simple people that bring happiness

Some good people are simply humble. It’s almost like they have magic in their pockets, but they don’t know how to be selfish or two-faced. I’m sure you know someone like that.

There aren’t many of them out there, but you don’t need many because they will bring you everything.

The value of reciprocity

One thing to keep in mind is nothing is ever given without getting something in return. If someone is good to you, treat them the same way. You’re making a team, you have to balance it so that no one loses and no one wins.

Reciprocity is knowing how to understand the other person completely. You understand that they deserve respect, you value them as part of yourself, and you recognize everything they do for you.

And this will always lead you to behaving the same way.

Trust does not betray, it knows how to make ties

Good people, people that enrich your life by helping you be a better person every day, establish a very intimate and special connection with you.

  • They see you as respectable, strong and understood, having the support of the ones that love you.
  • People that love you don’t judge you, they don’t try to change you or betray you. They think of you the way they think of themselves, they’re empathetic and emotionally mature.

In short, you’re going to meet good and bad people throughout your life. And you must learn from each of them.

Woman with rose in hand represents good people

Avoid carrying a weight that doesn’t help you, that only limits your personal growth. Let the bad things go, learn from them, and take a new path.

The world is full of good people, and if for whatever reason you can’t seem to find any, never forget to be one of them yourself.  Be the best you can be.

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