Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Are you trying to think of a gift for that traveler in your life who spends a lot of time away from home but have no ideas? It's a bit hard to be sure about what would really be useful to them. Continue reading for some great suggestions!
Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Last update: 29 April, 2021

Today’s article will give you some gift ideas for things the traveler in your life might like to have. Indeed, traveling is an activity that many people enjoy. In fact, there’s perhaps even someone in your family or circle of friends who does it as a lifestyle!

It’s often a bit hard to figure out what to give these people as gifts, so continue reading for some help.

Firstly, be ready to take some notes. Surely, some of the following will please your traveler relative or friend. Thus, think about their interests and truly surprise them with a thoughtful present.

Top 15 gift ideas for travelers

A person holding a present.
Think like a traveler when choosing a gift for a traveler, it’s the best way to get it right.

The selected gift ideas for travelers are based on the premise of diversity, originality, and innovation, to take most tastes into account. Here are 15 options.

1. An electric hand warmer

Is the traveler in your life a fan of mountain activities, skiing, and everything related to snow? An electric hand warmer would be a great gift then.

This object lasts between six and eight hours. Also, most models have a temperature range of 113 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. As an added value, one can use it in the feet.

2. A portable coffee maker

Finding a decent cup of coffee can be a complex mission when you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. Thus, a portable coffee maker is great to have. Make sure it does not require electricity and works fast.

3. A universal adapter

One of the worst surprises when traveling is about plugging things as the electrical infrastructure may vary from destination to destination. It can make devices useless but travelers with universal adapters have an upper hand. As you can see, it’s a practical and useful gift.

4. Gift ideas for travelers: A wash bag

This kind of product can solve many problems for hikers in a matter of minutes. It also saves them money due to the high prices of laundry in popular destinations.

The bag contains a flexible washboard, and there are also quick-drying towels, inflatable hangers, and even clotheslines.

5. A portable humidifier

Many people dislike the air conditioning in some hotels, as it can lead to the kind of throat discomfort that can worsen. Thus, a portable humidifier is a rather interesting gift for travelers because it increases thermal comfort while reducing the possibility of infection.

A white dehumidifier is a great gift idea.

6. A traveler’s shirt

This is perfect for those who travel and aren’t familiar with the language of the destination country, a situation that often makes it hard to ask for directions. One can solve all of the above is solved with this product as it displays a large number of universal signs to ensure efficient communication.

7. GPS for suitcases

Losing a suitcase at the airport or being a victim of theft isn’t atypical for those who travel regularly. To this end, the GPS for suitcases is a gift that’ll make the traveler feel safe about where their luggage is at all times, especially when they carry valuable items.

8. A travel resting kit

The travel rest kit is for the airplane as long hours of travel can be uncomfortable in many ways. This gift option features a neck pillow and earplugs with which to reduce discomfort.

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9. Gift ideas for travelers: A smart backpack

The advantage of the smart backpack is for the globetrotter to have extended waterproofing, various pockets, and the option to charge all their electronic devices in a single product. It’s a present with an extended useful life.

10. A smart padlock

This kind of padlock can reduce the risk of a suitcase being broken into and increases the time it takes to open it. In fact, some options feature Bluetooth and others simply require a fingerprint. Best of all, you can program a message to your cell phone when someone other than you tries to open the lock.

11. A charger with an integrated solar panel is one of the best gift ideas

Being able to access the greatest source of energy, the sun, is great when you travel. Thus, a charger with an integrated solar panel is an unbeatable gift for any hiker. This is because it’ll aid them in their communication and is rather eco-friendly.

A group of hikers.
Comfy shoes are an excellent gift for hikers.

12. A handheld steamer

This mini appliance takes less space than an iron, has no cords, eliminates bad odors, and you can also use it to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes. Few things are more useful among travelers than this seemingly magical alternative.

13. A cell phone holder for airplanes

Not all airplanes offer entertainment. Therefore, having a cell phone holder that adapts to the plane might be the best answer. Then, all the traveler has to do is download some media, that’s it. As you can imagine, it’ll make the trip way more comfortable.

14. Gift ideas for travelers: A portable modem

The Internet is already a must-have in most people’s lives, but it’s even more relevant for those who aren’t familiar with a place. This is why the portable modem can solve the difficulties of any universal traveler. The only requirement is having a local SIM card.

15. Heavy-duty shoes

Having suitable footwear for any kind of climatic difficulty and difficult terrain never hurts. Thus, sturdy shoes are necessary items for those with an itch for traveling. You may not be aware of it but there are many options for this kind of gift that suit any price range.

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Think like a traveler to come up with gift ideas

Finally, just put yourself in a traveler’s shoes to come up with original gift ideas. Consider utility as the first factor when you select them.

Discard novelty and aesthetics in order to choose the best as the present that best suits the travel fanatics is usually a practical object of great utility.

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