Get Into Shape With Just 4 Exercises

· August 22, 2017
To stay in shape and achieve good results quickly, you should practice these exercises consistently and do them at least three times a week.

We all like to be in shape and have an enviable figureThe problem is that it isn’t always possible, nor is it always easy to find the time that we would like to exercise.

Now, with these four exercises that we’re going to share, you’ll find it’ll be much easier to achieve.

However, remember that to see results you must be consistent. It is most advisable to follow a training routine and do these exercises a couple of times a week.

In just a month and a half, you’ll notice greater agility, strength, rhythm, and balance.

1. Push-ups

The first of the exercises we suggest is push-ups.

Push-ups not only help strengthen the arms but also work on the whole upper part of the body.

The secret is in doing them slowly and with control. This is because you can hurt yourself by moving too fast or having poor posture.

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How to do them

  • To do push-ups correctly, position yourself face down looking at the floor.
  • Make sure your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders are aligned.
  • Then, bend your elbows 90 degrees, so that your chest lightly touches the floor.
  • The exercise consists of stretching the arms, pushing upwards.
  • Breathe out as you move upwards, and breathe in as you go down.
  • Make sure your pelvis doesn’t drop and your buttocks don’t rise up, and try to stay centered on working your shoulders, pecs and triceps.

2. The plank

Doing the plank is another very complete exercise. For those who don’t know what it consists of, you’ll have to position yourself face down and then support yourself on your elbows.

You’ll need to align your shoulders, hips, and feet. Your legs should be stretched and the hips straight.

  • The aim of doing this exercise to maintain the position for as long as possible.
  • Start with sets of 15 seconds and you’ll feel the difference.
  • To start with, enduring a few seconds will be enough, but this needs to be long enough to start feeling the changes.
  • As the days go by you can increase the time.
  • Through this exercise, you will gain resistance, improve your posture naturally, stimulate your metabolism, work several muscles and prevent injuries.

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3. Squats

Squats are not the most comfortable exercise to do but, given that their effects are well-demonstrated, we couldn’t leave them out of this list.

Squats tend to hurt slightly when done effectively, but they guarantee excellent results, given that they work the whole lower body.

  • To do them, start by separating your feet shoulder-width apart. The ends of your feet should be pointing slightly outwards.
  • Bend your knees and lower your torso.
  • Your back should be straight. Your buttocks are your “weights” and should be pointing backward.
  • Be careful that your knees don’t bend inwards.
  • Then rise up slowly, with your chin always up and your head facing forwards.
  • If you can, do them in front of a mirror so that you can see whether you are maintaining the correct posture or not.
  • Remember to start with just a few squats and then increase the frequency and repetitions as you improve, and this will be more than enough.

4. Strengthening routines

Strengthening routines enable you to stay in shape without spending too much time doing exercise. 3 sessions a week is enough.

Bear in mind that, to be effective, each session should include the following exercises. Each series can consist of between 15 and 25 repetitions depending on your ability.

  • 1 series of pull-ups and 1 of triceps (also 15 repetitions).
  • 1 series of 25 repetitions of dips (arm flexes), 1 series of squats with jumps and one series of abs.
  • 1 series of dips with jumps (15 repetitions), 1 series of lunges and 1 series of abs.
  • 1 series of alternating arm flexes and 1 of squats with 15 repetitions.
  • 1 series of arm flexes, 1 series of calf lifts (15 repetitions for each leg) and 1 series of lumbar exercises.