Get Rid of Pesky Insects Naturally

Insecticides and repellents may free us from the plague of pesky insects, but they also affect the environment. Because of this,  it's important to resort to other more natural solutions such as medicinal plants, foods and ingredients with certain properties that support this objective.
Get Rid of Pesky Insects Naturally

Last update: 19 May, 2020

Are you tired of seeing insects in your house?  Are you looking to get rid of them in a natural way?  You don’t have to use insecticides; you can actually eliminate them naturally!

Insecticides do the job, but they also contaminate the environment. That’s why we’d like to offer some natural solutions in the article below. These will let you say “goodbye” to insects that live in your home.

Medicinal plants, foods and ingredients to eliminate insects naturally


Citronella is excellent way to repel mosquitoes because of its citrus aroma, which is unpleasant to insects. You can grow this plant in gardens or flower pots.

Place it in pots on window sills or on porches. Be sure that the soil is rich, so that the plant grows well. Also, place it in an area where it receives sun, since this is indispensable for the growth of the plant.

You can also get some citronella essential oil and prepare the following natural liquid  repellent:


•  Citronella oil

•  2 Tablespoons of olive oil


•  Put olive oil in a bottle with an eye dropper

•  Dilute the citronella oil

•   Mix well


Place two drops of the mix on the wrists and the ankles. With this mixture, the mosquitoes won’t come near you.  Also, you can make candles, incense or liquid repellent with a citronella base.

2. Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus is another medicinal plant used to eliminate insects naturally. It possesses insecticide and repellent properties useful in controlling fleas. If you put branches of it under your bed you, will avoid having fleas living in your bedroom.

To protect your pets from fleas, massage their fur with a little eucalyptus oil.

If you go to the country or other areas where you are exposed to insect bites, prepare the following lotion:


•  10 drops of eucalyptus oil

•   2 tablespoons of hydrating cream

•   A cosmetic jar


•  Put the cream in the cosmetic jar.

•  Add 10 drops of the oil over the cream.


Place a little bit of this repellent on your cheeks, your arms and your ankles.

3. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves offer many benefits, like banishing insects from the home. Their leaves have repellent compounds that are useful for combating fleas, flies, ants, mosquitoes and moths.

To repel moths from your clothing, put some bay leaves in your drawers and closets. To repel the other insects, prepare the following spray:


•  Bay leaf essential oil (10 drops)

•  1 small cup of lukewarm water

•  1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap

•   Spray bottle


•  Put the oil in the spray bottle.

•  Add the warm water and soap.

•  Mix very well.


•  Spray the mixture throughout the house, especially on curtains, rugs and doors.

•  Do this at least once a week.

•  Enjoy a home free of pests1

4.  Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar to get rid of pesky insects

Thanks to its odor and the acids it contains, apple cider vinegar is one of the most utilized ingredients to repel insects naturally.
Here’s a simple way to prepare it:


•  Fill a glass with apple cider vinegar.

•  Place it where you don’t want to have insects.This could be the living room, the kitchen, or window sills. This will keep your home free of pests.

5.  Lemon with cloves

Other than treating illnesses, lemons as well as its cloves are recommended to repel pesky insects at home and outside. This is due to their strong aroma.


•  1 lemon

•  16 cloves


•  Cut the lemon in half.

•  Insert 8 cloves in each half.


Place each half in strategic areas. For a major effect, cover various areas of your home with the lemon and cloves.

6.  Olive oil and lettuce

Olive oil and lettuce

Olive oil and lettuce are other ingredients that are useful to eliminate insects naturally. This combination is used specifically to remove slugs from a garden or yard. 


•  1 head of lettuce

•  2 tablespoons of olive oil


• Tear off each leaf from the lettuce head.

•  Place the olive oil in a bowl.

•  Soak the lettuce with the oil.


Place the leaves in the area where you see the most slugs. While passing over the lettuce, they will become trapped in the oil.  In a few days, your garden will be free of slugs!

7.  Cucumbers

Cucumbers eliminate pests in a natural way, especially cockroaches, which detest their odor.

If you have these annoying insects, cut slices of fresh cucumbers and place them in areas where cockroaches are most seen. This includes the kitchen, drawers, and closed spaces. 

With these natural solutions, enjoy your home free of pests without poisoning the environment.

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