Bedbugs: How to Get Rid of Them for Good

February 12, 2019
Bedbugs are a common inhabitant in people's mattress. Besides being unhygienic, they are just plain gross. Find out how to get rid of them here.

Bedbugs are small insects that feed on the blood of both humans and domestic animals and are often difficult to see at first glance. One of their preferred places to live home is beds, where they find a warm environment and food they need to survive.

They need to be dealt with appropriately because not only do they cause painful itching on the skin, they can also increase your risk for contracting various diseases.

Throwing away the infected items would be the most effective solution, but for obvious reasons, this is not the most ideal. The good news is that there are several home remedies to solve this problem and return to a clean and healthy bed. Want to know more? Keep reading!


Steaming is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies that you can use to completely eliminate them, as bedbugs cannot tolerate high temperatures.

An effective option is to apply hot steam (120° F or greater) to the mattress, sheets, clothing, curtains and other elements in the bedroom. However, always be careful when dealing with steam, as you can hurt yourself.

Cumin powder


Due to the high concentration of curcumin, its active compound, powdered cumin is a potential enemy to bed bugs. It’s very easy to find in supermarkets and organic stores and can do wonders to deal with the bedbug situation.

Cumin has strong antimicrobial properties, that alter the environment in which bedbugs live. It works by cutting off their supply of oxygen. This causes them to die or migrate to another location. It may be surprising, but it’s a great ally at eliminating this nuisance.

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The sun

The elevated temperatures in the sun can help eliminate these hidden vermin in the mattress, sheets and blankets. Temperatures greater than 90° F can eradicate the problem. Ideally, you should place the mattress directly in the sunlight. Keep it there for a couple of hours.


mint essential oil

Mint essential oil releases an odor that repels plagues and small insects. This is true because it generates a strong allergic reaction for them. So, even though it might be a refreshing smell for you, bedbugs can’t stand it.

This home remedy is ideal for repelling bedbugs from the bedroom, garden and pets. Another excellent option is lavender essential oil which has a similar effect. However, make sure none of your family members is allergic to lavender or mint before using them.


Cloves are a spice with a strong smell that can repel almost any type of insect. In general, it’s used in the garden to repel ants, but it can also be used to eliminate annoying and dangerous bedbugs.

Rubbing alcohol

These insects cannot tolerate acidic environments, which makes rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropanol) an effective remedy. To use it, just put this product in a spray bottle and spray all over the bed and any place you suspect they may be hidden.

However, please note that for it to work properly, you must repeat the spraying every week. This will allow the mattress and sheets to stay disinfected and bedbug free. Also, after applying the product, you’ll need to let the mattress and bedding air out to keep the alcohol smell from permeating the material.



Vacuuming is one of the most popular methods for eradicating all types of insects and mites because it gets into cracks and gaps where bedbugs hide. Make sure to cover all corners and small spaces where bedbugs can accumulate and spread.

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A few more tips to get rid of bedbugs

  • Don’t place the bed next to the wall or other furniture. You should never let bedding stay on the floor as this attracts bedbugs.
  • If you have pets, keep them out of the bedroom and bathe them often.
  • Regularly check the legs of the bed and other furniture for insects, as this is where they often hide. If you detect their presence, you should apply talcum powder to try to trap them.
  • Finally, regularly clean and disinfect your bedroom to avoid plagues. It’s important to clean each space and to change the bedding at least twice a month.
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