My Generation Says Please and Thank You

· July 4, 2016
Beyond a simple act of politeness, saying please and thank you is a way to show your respect for others and has a positive impact on both the other person and you.

Coming from the generation that says please and thank you means possessing values that go beyond simple courtesy. It means respecting and treating others as you would want to be treated.

There are many who say that many of these healthy habits are disappearing.

Maybe our lives are so busy that it seems like there isn’t time for “please.” Or maybe out of our desire to give our children everything, they’ve learned to take things for granted and are unable to truly appreciate things.

We shouldn’t generalize by saying that modern society has completely lost this healing habit.

However, we can say that “please and thank you” are free, they don’t cost a thing, yet they carry great value.

Please and thank you: two values worth passing on

Curiously, the majority of us all know how to say thank you in several different languages: thanks, grazie, merci, danke, obrigado, evgaristo, spasiba, arigato, shokran… And yet we forget to say it to those closest to us.

We sometimes forget to say please and thank you when we’re with our parents, partners, friends or children because we think that it’s not worth it, that it should be implied with our love.

That isn’t right, because, believe it or not, these words are more than just a string of letters.

They have a direct tie with our emotions, to the point that they’ve become two powerful gestures in our language that we can’t do without.

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The healing power of gratitude

Something as simple as regularly being thankful can cause noticeable changes in both you and your environment. According to a study published in Harvard Gazette, we can come to experience the following:

  • Saying thank you is a gesture of gratitude that gives the recipient a sense of security and well-being.
  • Others feel supported and benefit from receiving thanks for their actions. This in turn affects the person expressing their gratitude.
  • Regularly being on the receiving end of expressions of gratitude increases self-esteem and triggers the “gratitude effect.”

For example, home-schooled children instilled with the values of gratitude will carry that practice with them to college and practice it with their friends and professors.

The importance of please in society

“Please” is a simple word that you don’t hear quite as often as “thank you.” The reason for this is due more than anything to the belief that one need not say “please” before requesting something of others.

It’s amazing how just adding the word “please” to a sentence completely changes its feeling. Just keep these simple examples in mind..

  • “Move your car.” ⇒ “Please, could you move your car?”
  • “Pass the pepper” ⇒ “Could you please pass me the pepper?”
  • “Pick me up a newspaper on your way home.” ⇒ “Could you please pick me up a newspaper on your way home?”

“Please” is more than just a simple act of courtesy. It’s a genuine way of respecting the other person and we need to practice it every day.

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  • Thoughtfulness, above all, is reflected in this word for the efforts of the other person who is going to do something that will make us happy or help us in some way.
  • It should never be assumed that someone will do something simply because we want or ask them to.

This simple act ennobles us and connects us to the other person, granting them value, respect and the absolute freedom to accept or decline our request.girl-flowers-in-hair


Please and thank you: beautiful words in any language

We should never forget this really important fact: our legacy as human beings has its origins in this social mentality that is governed by, above all, the power of emotions.

  • Emotions provide us with an amazing link to those around us that in the past allowed us to develop language. We discovered a way of communicating to relate, educate, create communities, hunt, organize and develop ourselves.
  • Through this method of communication, the value of saying please and thank you reflects the idea that our hearts respect other human beings and take them into account. This, in turn, promotes coexistence and freedom.

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By saying thank you, we honor the other person. With a “please”, we give them the freedom of choice and our respect, which positively affects both parties.

Nothing is as amazing as feeling great about doing something good, seeing a stranger smile at us and saying those magic words that will never go out of style.