Fruits and Plants for Women’s Weight Loss

· October 23, 2014

In order to keep a healthy weight, living a healthy life is absolutely necessary.  This means that you must follow a healthy diet, avoiding excess fats, sweets, and white flour.  You should also exercise regularly in combination with a good diet.

So if you like, you could resort to using a few plants and fruits that have the power to help you burn fat and lose extra pounds.  This could affect your health and therefore, your life quality.

The plants and fruits that help us lose weight should be used very cautiously (without consuming them in large portions).  All you need to do is eat the recommended amount, as these should already be part of your diet.  This diet should be part of your special weight loss diet.

Bellow you will see a list of foods that are most effective at helping you to lose weight quickly and healthfully.

Foods that help with weight loss


It is cleansing and has the ability to activate bile secretion.  It is also very useful for improving intestinal movement, especially if you suffer from constipation.  It helps digest fats quicker as well.


Just like artichokes, this also has cleansing properties, helping improve digestive problems.  It helps regulate the appetite because it leaves you feeling satiated, preventing that feeling of hunger every now and then.



In this case, it’s the stalk of the fruit that is used.  It is recommended if you are overweight due to water retention, and it is also very effective for treating cases of cellulitis.  It is fairly effective at dissolving and mobilizing fats in the body, which are eliminated through the urine.

Bitter orange

The peel of this fruit is what is used because it has the ability to increase the body’s consumption of calories.  This can be very useful in hyper-caloric diets.


This seaweed helps improve metabolism and creates a sense of satiety due to its high water content.  It is a powerful laxative and toner for the stomach.


The caffeine from this plant helps the body accelerate fat combustion, therefore increasing cellular metabolism.  It is a special supplement in some diets, which often times causes lack of energy, weakness, and exhaustion.




This is a great help for stimulating digestions.  That is how it facilitates absorption of all nutrients, and it also contributes to speedy elimination of substances that the body no longer needs.

Horse Tail

This plant has a powerful diuretic effect, and is really useful for weight problems caused by water retention.  It also detoxifies, helping to cleanse the body and prepare it to begin any type of diet.

Do not forget that these simply aid, or are supplements that can be very useful when you want to lose weight.  You also need to exercise regularly, eat lots of healthy foods, including good amounts of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water, and most importantly, change your life habits.