Freshen Your Home with Natural Scents

March 6, 2019
Can't get rid of that bad smell in your home? Naturally aromatic plants are a great option to cover up or eliminate unpleasant odors that result from cooking.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new way to mask or eliminate the odors in your home. Or you’re simply looking to replace those sprays that can be harmful to health or the environment. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be glad the following article provides some natural scents for you to try out.

Many of the commercial sprays or fresheners available today contain toxins and chemicals. These not only pollute the air around you, but can have negative effects on your health. They’re often costly and don’t even last long. Why not opt for a remedy that’s both natural and easy to use at home without the added cost? We’re certain you’ll find everything you need right in your own kitchen. And if you’re missing an ingredient or two, they are easily found at your local grocery store.

Natural scents for your home


Take that little bottle of natural essence of vanilla and put a few drops on a cotton ball. Place it on a small dish or in a bowl that’s not easily tipped over in any room you think needs a little refreshing. The scent will stay strong for around four hours. If you think you need another boost, just add a few more drops or replace the cotton ball.

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Vanilla in powder form and in other forms.

Fruity and herbal scents

You’ll need 5 lemons, 10 oranges, rosemary leaves, mint leaves, 250 milliliters of water and 250 milliliters of rubbing alcohol. Peel your oranges and lemons and keep the skins. In a bowl or grinder, meld the skins with the mint and rosemary until they are well blended. In a spray bottle, mix the water and alcohol, adding the fruit and herbal mixture. Let steep for a few hours and using a spray attachment, you can add it to any room in your house.

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Dried flowers

Select a few cut stalks of roses, eucalyptus flowers and leaves, laurel stalks, branches from walnut trees, branches from myrtle and thyme bushes, as well as sage, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon bushes. Combine them in small bundles. Then allow them to dry in the open air or by snipping them and adding the mixture to small canvas bags. You can place these in your clothes drawers. When you notice that they’ve lost their potency, you’ll only need to add a few drops of pure alcohol or rose oil.

A bouquet of dried flowers.

Fresh plants for your kitchen

Use these suggestions to cover up the smell of fried food, fish or just foods that have a strong smell. In a few small planters, grow some spinach, rosemary, or thyme. These plants provide fresh ingredients for your best recipes. Also, their natural aromas can help freshen up your kitchen. If you want something pretty then try lavender, but remember it’s not typically used in cooking.

The flowering Quince

The flower of this fruit, can be stored in dressers and closets to freshen clothes. This fruit ripens in the fall and is often used in marmalades and jams. Keep a careful watch to ensure they stay dry and free of mold. That’s because that may attract insects.

Used soaps

What do you typically do with that small sliver of perfumed hand or bathroom soap? Instead of tossing it when it’s become too small to use, why not repurpose it to help freshen up your home? Tear the slivers into smaller pieces and place them in a cloth or cotton bag. Small bags can go in your closets or drawers to keep them fresh. You can also find a second use for those perfumes you have laying around you never use.  Dilute them with a bit of water in a small bowl and leave them in the open air. As the water evaporates, the scent will lightly fill the room.

Used soap can help you get natural scents.

Baking soda

Add a half cup of baking soda to a small bowl and 8 to 12 drops of whatever essential oil you prefer, or combine a few different oils. Cover with a top that has been punched through with a few holes. Dress it up by placing it in a candle holder or hide it behind a house plant. The scent will flow around for days and help freshen whichever room you choose.

Gel scents

Instead of buying those expensive gel scents, you should try your hand at crafting your own scented gels. In a small bowl add 3 drops of your preferred food coloring and 30 drops of whichever essential oil you most enjoy. Boil a cup of water on low heat and add flavorless gelatin powder. Once it starts to boil, add another cup of water and a cup of salt until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat but before it cools, add the essential oil and food coloring mixture and mix well. You can let it set in whichever mold you wish. The scent should last about a month.

Oil droplets on a person's hand.

Air freshener with natural scents for your car

Instead of purchasing an air freshener for your car, you can concoct one in your own kitchen. Choose a graphic of your choosing and cut two copies, then paste them to a hard board or carton cut in the same design. On both sides add 10 drops of essential oil of your choosing and let dry. Perforate the design at the top and loop a small piece of string or yarn through it. Hang it in your car and add more oil when needed.

Brewed natural scents

If you’re looking for an alternative to going hands-on, also try brewing up some natural scents. In a small boil bring some water to a boil. When at a full boil, add one or more of the following: cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, whole cloves, lemon or orange skins, coffee beans. Pour into a small decorative pot and place throughout the rooms you want to freshen. Once cool, you can reheat or replenish the brew.

Orange and clove scentser

To cover your home in fresh and revitalizing natural scents that take advantage of two of the most sweet-smelling elements, you should try your hand at an orange and clover scentser. Simply puncture the whole orange with the cloves, making sure the needle end of the clove is well embedded. Place in a small bowl throughout your home. This can create a pleasant scent that last days or even weeks.