Free People Attract Opportunity

· September 29, 2016
You have to be brave to cross barriers and be convinced that you deserve to be free in order to achieve it. A positive attitude is crucial to achieving that freedom and happiness that is so precious

Free people attract opportunities because of their personality, their open-mindedness, and their motivation for not feeling too tied to anything that could get in the way of their achievements.

Many of us believe that freedom is something so precious that, rather than being a reality, it is an aspiration, something rare that we probably won’t ever get to have.

Certain bonds created by family, romantic relationships, and even your own limiting thoughts can stand as real barriers to your dreams.

We invite you to reflect on this.

Free people go after their dreams and aspirations

The idea of being free in order to attract opportunities goes beyond the simple law of attraction. You need, above all, a certain type of attitude that’s worth trying to put into practice.

It’s not enough to want something to make it come to you on its own. Being still and waiting are never powerful weapons, because it’s your thoughts and consequently, your emotions that are generated from them, that start the engines of action.

It’s important to also consider an essential component, however. When we say free people we aren’t referring to those with no attachments or bonds. You don’t need to be single to be a free thinker.

Above all, we’re primarily referring to the following aspects that no doubt will be of assistance.

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No matter what you wear, your attitude is the most important

Your attitude is the armor against which no enemy in battle is strong enough or seasoned enough to defeat you. Your attitude is the best outfit that you can put on every morning when you leave the house.

  • An attitude is a set of beliefs, values, motivations, and intentions that define a person.
  • Your attitude should never be determined by what others expect from you. In this case, you would no longer be free.
  • A person with a strong and free attitude is able to make clear what their needs and purposes are, and above all they are sincere and consistent with what they do and say.

In order to be free, you need to think about what you deserve

No one will receive something unless they believe they deserve it first. It’s that simple. But as simple as that reasoning may sound, it doesn’t always happen this way.

  • First of all, you need to draw a fine line between what you want and what is feasible, and that line is known as objectivity.
  • Here’s an example: you want to be a millionaire, but it’s clear that you’re not going to change much from one day to another if you force yourself to only focus on that.
  • What you deserve is, without a doubt, what makes you happy, and therefore it’s worth fighting for. Nothing and no one can put up barriers to that, as long as you do everything with respect.
  • Freedom is the door that you access with a great deal of personal courage. That’s why it’s necessary that you convince yourself that you deserve it, that you have the right to achieve your dreams.

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You need to take the first step without fear.


Opportunities are beyond the line of fear

To achieve your victories, it’s necessary to know how to defeat your enemies. On many occasions, however, your fears are far from being flesh and blood—they’re in your own mind.

  • There is fear when you imagine how the people around you will respond when you say what you want out loud: a new job, going back to school, moving to another city, taking a trip, having a change of space…
  • Fear is the conviction that you will not succeed. This low self-esteem is common, and a negative self-image can make you feel like you’re not able to achieve something.

You need to remember once again that you deserve to get what you dream of. That’s why limiting thoughts or the idea that your train has already left the station and you have to deal with the way things are can become your real enemies.

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The wonderful feeling free people experience

Having a free mind and heart is as enriching as it is productive. It simply means being aware of your strengths and abilities, and applying them in everything that you propose to do.

  • An open and flexible mind that recognizes mistakes and creates new strategies to overcome them is a mind that attracts opportunities.

On the other hand, those who love to please the rest or never dare to leave their comfort zone where everything is programmed and predictable close the door to anything new, those fresh breezes that are filled with dreams and where the best opportunities reside.

Do you dare to be free?