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Four Pet Houses You Can Make from Recycled Materials

What could be a better present for your pet than a new pet house where he can sleep or play?  With recycled items, you can create real palaces for the king of the house.
Four Pet Houses You Can Make from Recycled Materials

Last update: 24 January, 2020

Recycling has come to offer more and better possibilities for different parts of the house. Even cats and dogs are beneficiaries with these innovative ideas. In this article, we’ll take a look at some practical ways to makes pet houses with recycled materials.

Especially in times when it’s very cold or very hot, it’s great that domestic animals can count on their own space to spend the night, or simply take a nap during the day.

Besides having very beautiful or fun designs, pets loving having their own little spaces. There are also various options for dogs and cats. You can even take advantage of various materials that aren’t costly or that you have at home to create your very own recycled pet houses.

Four Ways to Make Pet Houses with Recycled Materials

Pet Houses

In the following, we’ll describe some ways to construct beautiful homes for your pets.

1. Pet houses made from old monitors

Thanks to today’s technology, chunky computer monitors with the big boxes behind them are now archaic.

However, don’t throw them out! You can convert them into excellent inns for little pets. Cats, especially, adore them.

You just have to remove all of the components from the inside and add a cushion for its resident to sleep. Of course, you can add a blanket and paint the exterior.

2. Suitcases and old trunks, ideal pet beds

This idea is more for animals that live inside and functions extremely well. It consists of recycling an old suitcase and putting items in it to form a bed.

You can add legs, and also ensure that the lid always stays open. Also, you can glue decorations with your pet’s name and photographs for decorations.

The other option is to use old trunks or chests. These could be useful for dogs and cats that sleep outside.

The only thing that you have to do, besides cleaning and making sure that it interior is habitable, is to cut the material to make a little door on one of the sides. That way, you’ll have a home for your pet with a vintage touch and a lot of elegance.

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3. Pet homes made from old tables

We often have that table that we never liked hiding in our basement or some corner of the house. Why not convert it into a dwelling for your pet?

Similar to the trunk idea, you just need to make an opening in one of the sides so that your dog or cat can enter. It’s best to take off the legs, if it has them. That way, it will be easier to enter and exit without having to contend with the legs being on a different level.

In the case of tables with drawers, part of the problem is already solved. Take them out and use the opening that remains. One of the principal advantages of this way of making a pet house is that it’s easy to paint and redecorate any way you like or the way the animal likes it.

4. Pallets, indispensable when talking about recycling

Pet Houses

Among the millions of uses we can find for pallets, one of them is to use them to make pet houses.

To be clear, however, this type of recycling tends to be a bit more difficult than the other ways. You’ll need some tools and also the help of a strong person to complete the project.

This being said, it’s still one of the most beautiful alternatives.

  1. First, you need to disassemble the pallet boards in order to cut them in half. These will be the walls of the house. Be careful: only take off the boards that you’re not going to use.
  2. With the cut boards, put the two walls together to complete the square.
  3. The next step is to cut the walls of the side diagonally to use later for the roof. Of course, the wall of the foundation will be lower than the front wall. This is where you’ll cut the door.
  4. Put a sheet of wood conglomerate on top to form the door of the house. Use a piece of wood in the back as support so that the house doesn’t fall over.

With theses four tips,  your pet will be more than happy!

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