Four Night Creams That Will Make Your Skin Look Perfect

January 30, 2020
During the night, our skin is a lot more receptive to any treatment. This means that choosing the right night creams will help our skin look flawless.

Night creams revitalize our skin during those much-needed hours of rest.

At night, our skin regenerates, rests, and is more prepared to take in anything that you apply to it.

For these reasons, using night creams is a must. Many people use the same cream they use during the day at night. This isn’t good because day creams have other properties.

For example, some are antipollution, others have sunscreen… In short, they simply shouldn’t be used at night. This is because night creams should be much more intense treatments.

Let’s take a look at some great night creams to add to your routine.

1. Purifying cream

There are people who suffer from a lot of stress in their daily lives. If they also need to moisturize their skin, they can choose detox night creams that moisturize at the same time.

Woman applying cream.

Many of these creams with cleansing properties are usually indicated for people who are approximately 30 years old. This is because they usually also contain vitamins that help prevent the first wrinkles that may start to appear.

There are also creams that can be indicated for tired skin. It’s important to investigate whether they’re purifying creams or not to rule out if they’re intended for more mature skin.

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2. Regenerative cream

Over the years and as we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity. You may notice that your skin is saggier, that it’s not as luminous, and that all pimples take a lot longer to go away.

If you’re in this situation, a regenerative night cream is exactly what you need.

Many regenerative creams help minimize potential spots that we may have trouble eliminating. Furthermore, these creams also allow us to eliminate those wrinkles that seem to be getting deeper, which is why they’re now harder to conceal.

3. Anti-aging cream

A happy woman because her wrinkles are gone.

There are night creams intended for people whose skin is already affected by the passage of time. Wrinkles with deep creases that makeup doesn’t hide, very saggy skin, non-luminous skin…

People in their 40’s and 50’s begin to need more powerful creams that can fight this with greater effectiveness. Therefore, using a day anti-aging cream and a night anti-aging cream will help your skin look a lot better.

A person who uses a night anti-aging cream will wake up with much firmer and smoother skin. This will make them feel spectacular!

However, you have to use these creams every day to get the desired effects.

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4. Moisturizer

This is the most important cream you should use since it’s function is to keep your skin moisturized. However, moisturizing isn’t only intended for dry skin, but also for people with combination or acne-prone skin.

These creams are suitable for any age. For example, if you don’t want to use a wrinkle cream and only want to use a normal moisturizer, night creams with these characteristics can come in handy.

They moisturize the skin so it looks much healthier and fresh. In addition, moisturizers for acne-prone skin will not worsen the condition. On the other hand, they’ll ensure the skin is much better prepared to heal.

People with combination skin should definitely use this type of cream. Combination skin is characterized by the oily “T-zone,” but the rest of their skin may flake if it’s not properly moisturized and cared for. For this reason, a proper moisturizing night cream for combination skin is essential.

Remember that you have to clean your skin well before applying any night cream. Otherwise, you might not get the desired results. Also, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of combining these creams with a serum or natural oil such as rose hip oil.

In addition, keep in mind that these creams (unless so specified) shouldn’t be applied around the eyes. Instead, there are other products for this area that won’t cause any problems.

Do you use a night cream?