Four Keys for the Perfect Nautical Decor

Nautical decor never goes out of style. It's relaxing, nostalgic, friendly, and very welcoming. In this article, discover four keys to a perfect nautical decor!
Four Keys for the Perfect Nautical Decor

Last update: 08 July, 2019

Nautical decor becomes more popular than ever. After all, you don’t need to go to the beach to be surrounded by elements that remind you of the sea. Blue and white walls, vases, and pillows, as well as nautical accessories, can all make you feel like you’re right at the water’s edge.

People tend to use nautical decor for their second or vacations homes, especially those that are close to the sea. However, you can decorate any home with it.

Nautical decor never goes out of style. It’s relaxing, nostalgic, friendly, and very welcoming. In this article, discover four keys to a perfect nautical decor.

The Keys to Nautical Decor

The Colors

Nautical decor.

Nautical decor is characterized by the color blue, the color white, and stripes. You can use any shade of blue, from light blue to indigo. This color transports you to a calm and peaceful sea. You can also use off-white, regular white, or any other shade of white.

Although these colors are the kings of nautical decor, others also go very well with this type of decoration. For example, you can use cedar, green, gray, or even a touch of red. You must choose and combine these colors according to your preferences and depending on the style you want for your home.

These colors shouldn’t only be present in furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories. The walls are also a fundamental part of nautical decor. Painting the walls with these colors make spaces convey the peace, spaciousness, and cleanliness of the sea.

Materials for Nautical Decor

To achieve a perfect nautical decor, you also need to be mindful of the materials you’ll use. Wood best reflects life in the sea. In addition, it’s a cozy material that will help you create a very warm atmosphere.

Ideally, a space with nautical decor should have hardwood floors. However, you can also use wood on the ceiling or even on the walls by placing friezes.

You should ideally go for light colors for this kind of decoration. Painting wood white is the best choice. Wood should also be present in the chairs, tables, and the rest of the furniture.

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Decorative Objects

Nautical decoration items.

Decorative elements that evoke the sea are essential. The more decorative elements you use, the better your maritime environment will turn out. You can find many different thematic elements that give spaces that special touch.

Reef knots, boat anchors, boats, fish, shells, and starfish are great options. These accessories help transport anyone to the sea.

As for furniture, cushions, carpets, tablecloths, and napkins…You should go for stripes. Naturally, the best colors are blue and white. You can also go for dishes with blue and white-colored stripes.

Other decorative elements such as vases, candles, and lamps help spruce up any space. In this regard, you should choose objects in the same blue and white shades or ones that incorporate natural materials that evoke the sea, such as shells or ropes.

If you want to give your home a more sophisticated touch, you can also add elements such as spyglasses, lifejackets, and astrolabes, among others.

These objects should look a bit used. Actually, the more worn they look, the better. You can purchase accessories in all kinds of antique stores and fairs, flea markets, and various online pages.

Encourage Natural Light

Finally, light is an essential theme in nautical decor. A space that evokes the sea must be full of light. After all, when you think of the sea, you immediately think of a sunny, open environment with a lot of natural light.

To create perfect spaces with nautical decor, they should have as much natural light as possible. Ideally, you should let the sun and light shine through as much as possible. Try to always have the curtains open.

The color while will also help you achieve this effect.

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